It was so close between you… You were all fantastic and are all winners.

We could only have one in each category who could claim the award and prize.


Allred&NellieValentinesDayBallALLRED and NELLIE.……………….Well done you is your award.

vday-awards (hot)THE MOST SWEETEST COUPLE OF THE VALENTINE BALL 2013 goes to.spitty and savannahSAVANNAH and SPITTY…..Well done you two, here is your award.

vday-awards (sweet)Now you need to email me your address…BELNEAMEADOW@GMAIL.COM.

To find out who is the BEST DRESSED COUPLE and the VALENTINE KING and QUEEN you need to pop over to see RANGER

Thank you everyone for taking part and making this so spectacular.We hope you had as much fun as we did. Now we have a couple of THANK YOU’S….

To… EASY, MISAKI and SAMMY…for helping in the dressing department.

To….MISAKI, ROXY, GRADY, COCCO and SAMMY…..for helping out in the prize department.

To….NELLIE…….for getting the dancer’s together for me.

To .FRANKIE and Ernie….. Just because…….They kept us laughing.

To…SASHA ……for the fantastic food.

To SARGE…..For keeping everyone under control

This AWARD is for you.

pizap.com13607659167851And there’s more..It’s our good buddie GOOSE’s Birthday today, so here’s to you!


Now IMPAWTANT news..The circus is here tomorrow.. We would gratefully appreciate it , if you dug in your pockets and donated to the cause..It’s for the animals… They have all worked so hard getting it ready for you, we know you will all have a fantastic time.

Look at the lovely card I got from my Ranger..

Valentine card for Mollie

Now you all have a wonderfuls VALENTINES day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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124 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER’S ARE!

  1. Congrats to the winners. You guys looked fantastic xx

    Thanks for all your hard work in putting all this together. Its been so much fun

  2. AROOOOROOOOOO!!! Congratulations to the winners!!!!

    And a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE THANK YOU to everybuddy who helped put on this pawsome event but especially to Mollie & Ranger – you guys are just grrrreat!!

    Wally & Sammy

  3. Happy Valentine’s day sweet fwiend! Congwatulashung to all the wondewful couples. I hope next yeaw I’ll be well enuff to pawticipate and dance the night away wif all of you
    Smoochie kisses

  4. Condogulations to the winners…Ya’all are fabulous…Can’t wait to see who’s the King & Queen…To all who helped out our hosts we say Thank You! And to Mollie & Ranger for coming up with this idea and putting in such a huge amount of work – YOU ARE THE BEST! This is a super event and everyone here is having such a pawsome time…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! XOXOXO

  5. Congratulations to Allred and Nellie! and Savannah and Spitty! You Rook Mawvelous! 😀 And Thank You Mollie, Alfie, Ranger and the Helper Team for puttin on the Ritz for All of Us! Wahoooooooo! What a total Blast this has been! 😀

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Congratulations a job well done and to all the winners. We will be donating as a way of saying thank you for all your hard work. Pawsome event guys. Have a well earned break. Happy Valentines Day. We hope it is a good one and one you will remember fodnly.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Yay to the winners!! Well deserved. We are all mixed up on when the ball actually was with people saying they are going tonight so we have updated our blog entry about five times lol! Either way, it was spectacular!!! You sure know how to throw a party.

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig


    And we too thank all who helped them


    Misaki & I want to thank efurryone who voted fur us as King & Queen…WE are so happy and grateful…I’d love to dance with each of the lovely ladies here tonight, but my heart belongs to my beautiful gurldawgfurriend XOXOXO

  10. Wow, congrats to all of the big winners! AND A HUGE CONGRATS AND THANK YOU TO MOLLIE & RANGER for all of their hard work! This is a really pawesome Ball and everyone is having a great time. No problems with crowd controll since everyone is on their bestest, most romantical behavior. This is such a beautiful time!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


    and THANK YOU fur all that you did to make this a super wonderful day…

    NOW let us EAT and DANCE the day and night away!!!

    PeeS Thank you fur the helping paw award.. AND Happy Birfday Goose..

    Everybuddy is having a SUPER TIME…

  12. Pssssssssst Murphy Stanley Cussin Francine and Roxy… hurry… follow me (ERNIE)… the SPECIAL DELIVERY… BOX of 87 mini SQUIRRELS just arrived… the delivery guy asked Mollie and Ranger and they POINTED to SARGE…
    HURRY let’s get under this table and WATCH THE FUN..
    OH LOOK… Sarge is getting ready to use his dew claw to open the Box of Squirrels.. and KAPOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW
    OMD there are BIG squirrels and Mini ones too… 87 BAZILLION squirrels and they are running Everywhere… OMD they must have MULTIPLIED in the BOX.
    BaaaaaaaWaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh look everybuddy is going CRAZY chasing squirrels EVERYWHERE…
    OMD ROXY… Look there are TWO squirrels on Sarge’s BACK on one hanging from his TAIL…
    Look at all the Wimmen… they are chasing squirrels in their slippery dance shoes and they have their ball gowns hiked up!!
    BaaaaWahhhhhh this is sooooooooo funny. This is the best joke EVER… Squirrels are EVERYWHERE… running on the banquet tables and the foods tables and they are being CHASED EVERYWHERE…
    Just listen to the Barking… the Band has quit playing… OH there is a squirrel on the bass drum … Look at him JUMP..
    FRANKIE has a squirrel pulling his TAIL and Ruby and Penny are hitting it with their purses!! OMD THIS is soooooooo funny… Oooops a squirrel just ran up Cussin Francine’s DRESS!! LOOK at her RUN Ernestine..
    THIS is the BEST idea we have EVER HAD…
    Except fur these 87 water balloons that we will fill and throw!!!!

    • Ernie, this is total and complete chaos. Did you see how mad Sarge is? Stay away from him cuz he is spitting nails. LITERALLY, we saw a nail come out of his mouth and then he stepped on it so now he is hopping around on 3 feet! It is way to dangerous to be seen together. Did you remember to bring your cell phone? Text us when you are ready to get into the catwalk along the ceiling and we can release the water balloons. Oh, and one other thing . . . Stanley slipped a little something into the punch bowl. Have you seen anybody acting funny? Should be happening any time now. He put in some giggle-juice!!

  13. Congrats to all the winners, and the organizers for all the fun and excitement! Grady is proud of having two hot dates with Ash and Sheba, and today is Sheba’s birthday so she’ll be getting an extra turn around the floor!

  14. This is just the bestest Ball ever!!!!!!! I am having the time of my life. Add the birthday wish to that and well I am just blown over. It might take me 87 days to recover.

  15. ERNIE…. TEXTING to Roxy and Murphy and Stanley…
    “ok giggle juce wurkin… plc goin WILD.. kep hiddin… Sarg is gettin al the blame.”
    TEXTING… “DID U guyz se the squirrel in the PUNCH?? he is CRAZY”
    We pulled it off…
    Ready to start with the WATER BALLOONS???
    OK!! let em DROP.”

  16. OH Mollie… RANGER has already thrown 87 of these squirrels OUT THE DOOR… butt there are soooooo MANY.. Ruby and Penny are trying to catch some butt it is SOOOOOOO hard in their long gowns…
    KA SPLAT… Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee I (Frankie Furter) just got hit with a …WATER BALOON… OH NO!! Mollie your gown got wet too!!
    RANGER… why are you laughing???
    SARGE is supposed to keep ORDER… and instead he let all these SQUIRRELS Loose.. right here in the Ball Room… I don’t know WHAT is the matter with him.
    Squirrels to the LEFT of us
    Squirrels to the RIGHT of us
    Squirrels All AROUND us… OH the Screaming and Hissing and Growling.
    OMD… LOOK… somebuddy just hit SARGE with a Water Balloon!!
    He is FURIOUS… hehehehe I’m just gonna have another sip of this Grrrrreat PUNCH.. hhehehehe

      • Text to Ernie: I am taking pictures of all this with my cell phone and am going to upload it to You Tube. That way ever’body can see what is going on here and how Sarge is just sitting there with a goofy look on his face! Where is Frankie anyway? Is that him over there with a lampshade on his head? Oh, forgot to tell you, Stanley put jello in some of those water balloons. Watch out!!

  17. Text to Ernie: ???? Not sure how this happened . . . delivery truck just pulled up AGAIN and delivered ANOTHER box of 87 squirrels to Sarge! Just as he was ready to open the box (guess he didn’t figure out it was the same as the earlier one) he dumped over the bowl of punch with the giggle-juice in it. Now we have 87 squirrels, stained red, and they are acting all goofy! I don’t believe my eyes but I think I saw Goose and Easy balancing squirrels on their heads!

  18. ERNIE… TEXTING to Roxy and Murphy and Stanley and Cussin Ernestine…
    “OK… CUZ ERN.. just tuk Jel O Balon to DUMP on her “MOM” and Frnk is OUT OV IT… he duz hav lmp. shde on butt it slipd an iz now on hiz BUTT.
    Laffin my BUTT off at all the folks chasin da squrrlz … sum HAV ben thrwn OUT.
    THIS iz GRReat.”

  19. Oh my Baness! A squirrel has run down the top of my dress!!! Get it off me!!! Franie Me is going to KILLLLLLLLLLLLL yous! Water – oh Noes me hates water!!! Allred dear – RIPS OFF YOUR clothes and helps me chase Frankie!!!!!
    Oh Yes
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥Thanks yous for the Hottest Couple Award! ¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
    Now where are those squirrels? They is TOASTED!!!
    ¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Kisses¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

  20. ERN TEXTING R S M & Cus Ern..
    ” OMD Srg got a DUBL ORDER of SQUIRLZ … THIS is evn BETr than we PLAN d. SRG is gonna get Fired!! heheheehe NOW he is WHINING!”

  21. ERN TEXTING M & S….
    “R UR gurlfrnds gonna be MAD @ U? They don’t luk hapeee.
    NICE Shot… U really SPLATTERED Allred!!”

  22. Sounds like we need a squirrel expert to sort these out, where’s Molly the Wally?? She’ll know what to do!!
    I think Gizmo and I need to make a run for it before we get drenched by the water balloons!!

    “WHur R U and WHUR iz RXY???? GET ovR here RITE NOW!! am by the PUNCH BOWL… N O W !”

  24. ERN TEXTING R.M.S. and Cuz ERN…
    ” just got text from F.F. and he is MAD… gota go tawk to him. over by PUNCH BOWL… When Rox an I get ther… HIT HIM with ANOTHER JELLO BALON. OK?”

  25. This is the best Ball ever!! Thanks guys and Ranger for hosting, it has been SO much fun!! Cosmo and I have been dancing with lots of girlies, your plan really paid off!! 🙂

    Sending big Valentines kisses,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  26. ERNEST…. where have you and little ROXY been???

    E… When we saw the SQUIRRELS comin outta that BOX that SARGE ORDERED…. I took Roxy and Cussin Ernestine and we HID under a Table with Murphy and Stanley. WE WERE SOOOOOOOOOOO SCARED FRANKIE. Butt I (ERNIE) pawtected Roxy. SEE we are TOTALLY DRY… except fur our paws… where we HAD to walk through the Water from those broken Balloons. FRANKIE I thought you said this was gonna be DIGNIFIED and stuffs… Gee Whiz.. it is SCAREY… butt KINDA Fun. Right Roxy…
    “YES, Ernie it was SOOOOO SCARY… I even Tinkled a bit. ”
    FRANKIE…”Well, thingys ARE starting to really get FUN… OK, You two go off and have a good time with your little furends Murphy and Stanley and your cussin Ernestine. BUTT keep outta TROUBLE. I gotta go help SARGE now… He is INVESTIGATING those BOXES to see WHO sent them.”
    E…. hehehe OK FRANKIE butt furst… you should have a nice Drink of this PUNCH… it is sooooooo good.

  27. Congrats to the winners!! Everybody looked fabulous!! Molly they are calling fur you!! these squirrels are everywhere!!!!!!!!!! Help Help. my goodness Gracie I am impressed with your squirrel catching skills!

  28. Text to Ernie: They are lecturing us now and saying “I told you so”. ( Dad taught us in these cases just to look humble and give ’em puppy dog eyes.) We’ll see how it works. So shoot, it was working really well and they were about to forgive us until they sat down on one of the whoopee cushions. Back in trouble again! Get ready, the confetti is about to drop from the ceiling. That’s gonna be a real mess with the jello balloons. Sarge should have never ordered those squirrels, huh Ern?

  29. Oh Mollie this dance has been the bee’s knees, cat’s pajamas, dog gone best dance ever. I got to go now. Congrats to all the winners, they all looked fabulous!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  30. ERNIE…. TEXTING to Murph and Stan…..
    ‘ YOU BROUGHT A WHOOPIE CUSHION ??? BRILLIANT! They will furgive you… just keep givin them the EYE!!
    Can’t wait 4 the Confetti 2 Fall … Rxy can’t wait 4 THAT.”


    thanx mew once again for de AWESUM ball m & A…. we haz had a blast !!!


  32. ROXY….. look…. Frankie and Ruby and Penny are out on the dance floor…. and Cussin Francine is dancin with GOOSE and little Ernestine is dancin with somebuddy…
    Let’s go too… do you want to do the
    Hoochie Poochie or the FOXY Roxy Trot???

    Buuuuuurp…scuze me….I is lookin’ fur Squirrel #14……COME HERE SQUIRRELY! I has a nce warm spot furs you on da grill.

    Damn it I said come here….don’t make me hunt you down like da ground hog I hunted don and dead!


    • Come on’z Puddle’z let’z get’z uz a sqiggle’z I’z fired up the gwill …Quick there he goe’z, youz suppoze to be good at catchin dez critter’z…

      • Oh well you sees I has been in da punch quite a few times…buuuuurp….and I keeps trippin’ over dese stilleto things I has on, and da dress….buuuuurp.


        • OMD WE are so glad that you are gonna Grill the squirrels… the foods that Chef Sasha brought are ALMOST GONE… F.F.

          • HEY PADDLES…. it’s ERNIE and ROXY here… Can WE help cooker the Squirrels??? Can we?

            Can we?? Huh ? Can we?

    • Hi Paddles…. Roxy and I want to know if you would you like to sit HERE???


      BaaaaaWaaaaaah You sat on the WHOOOPIE CUSHION!!

      UGH… no you didn’t you just plain PHARRRRRTED!!

  34. ERNIE…. TEXTING Murph Stan Roxy and Cussin Ernestine…
    “OK Guys…. the dance floor is really good and sticky… and everybuddy is WET… WE will Scream SQUIRRELS… and when everybuddy loks at US.. U Guyz …………. DROP THE CONFETTI !!!

  35. Text to Ern: Ready for confetti drop . . . 10 . . . 9 . . .8 . . .7 . . 6 . . .5 . . 4 . . .3 . . .2 . . . 1 . . . Here it comes . . . on no!!! . . .move that grille NOW before the confetti catches fire!

    • WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee look at that…. 87 POUNDS of Colored Confetti… sticking to EVERYBUDDY!!!


      • I can’t AIM my Pee Shooter that high… Hurry Murphy and Stanley… You are both Taller… YOU can do it…
        FIRE those PeeShooters ….

        I’ll get the little fires on the floor… Come on ROXY you can even help with THIS…

        • WHEW…… I think the FIRES are all out.
          DARN who Knew that they would be wanting to FIRE UP THE GRILL??? RIGHT Murph and Stan???
          THAT could have been Really bad.

          • Whoa . . . that was a close one! Great teamwork ever’body! Hey Puddles, you got those beasts cooked up yet? Hey Ernie . . . Ernie . . . Ernie, where are ya?

          • I was hopin’ to get some skewers fur Squirrel kabobs but I don’t guess we has to has ’em…Hand me your plate and I’ll get you some…you wanna leg?
            Watch da confetti though…don’t eat it.


  36. Deewest Mollie and Alfie
    I hope you have a most wondewful Valentine’s Day. I love yoow cawd Mollie fwom Wangew. And i thought all the couples wewe mawveloos
    See you at the ciwcus
    Smoochie kisses

  37. Who’s up fur an after pawty at Misaki’s house? Just don’t tell Frank & Ernie cause there’s no room for 87 gazillion squirrels in the sleigh…Efurryone meet us in front when the band is done and we’ll head over and pawty till sunrise

  38. F.F. OK Girrrrrls did you wash your Paws after the Potty break???
    All RIGHT… you come with Ruby and Penny and Cussin Francine and ME and we will get you some nice foods… Ernie.. you go find your little furends Murphy and Stanley and THEIR dates and we will help them too…

    It will be a nice Sit down meal so MIND YOUR MANNERS Ernie….

  39. BOL this is so funs, i’ve never seen so many squirrels in one place, FRANKIE WHENS I SEES YOU I WILL KILL YOU!! MY NEW TUXEDO IS ALL WET AND FULL OF SQUIRREL FURS!! And Puddles what did you puts in this punch?!?! I’m starting to feel all funny and can’ts stop hiccupin’ hic. Oh and whose the wise guy thats put a squirrel down my pants huh? Mollie and Ranger this ball is a blast, thankyou so much. I can’ts wait to have a dance with my beautiful date Ruby, maybe of all the chaos woulds stop for a second….

    • BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Squirrel in your pants…Bwhahahahaha…hey there is a song called “Squirrels in my pants” on TV show My Girl watches.

      Tells Ruby to come find me when you sees her.



    • BUTT I am not the one who did ANY of this… I don’t EVEN KNOW WHO caused all this mess. HECK even SARGE doesn’t know who sent the squirrels to him…
      SO sorry about your TUX… Mine is in the SAME SAD SHAPE.
      Sarge says he thinks this was some sort of Puppy Prank.

  40. Hi there, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! We loved seeing all the photos in blogland from a wonderful ball that our friends went to. I will say that maybe next year Hunter will go; he is a bit too young and wild to attend such a classy event yet.
    Thanks for your hard work and for such fun!
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  41. Hey Mollie And Alfie and Ranger… This was some MAJOR FUN… THANKS fur ALL the super good memories.. Sarge will have a LOT of abuse over not being able to keep thingys under his Paw… hehehehe
    Ruby and Penny and Cussins Francine and Little Ernestine and Ernie and I (Frankie Furter) are gonna stay after and help you clean up.

  42. Wowweee…man, that’s what you get for having to work late and showing up after the party’s over!!! Whoa!! Congratulations to all the wonderful award winners…definitely well deserved!! Hope that everyone had a blast!!

  43. This is so beautiful! Wow what a …SQUIRRELS…quick someone, Nora, Ruby, Puddles dead them for me…I need them for Circus foodables!! Hurray, they are going everywhere. Remington, pick me up, they are going up my skirt. I worked so long on my hair I don’t want…SPLASH…water balloons…ERNIE!! Everyone quick get over to my place for foodables and dead as many squirrels as you can along the way.

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. put the deaded squirrels in the freezer.

  44. Congratulations to all of the winners, we are going over to Rangers to see what is going on. Where is my flower?? That squirrel got it, catch him!! Puddles, please, get to deading!

    Loveys Sasha

  45. Puddles, what was in the punch??? I feel hehehe kind of(snickers) silly and like dancing. LETS PLAY SQUIRREL STOMP!!!! I gotta pee, where is the potty??

    Loveys Sasha

  46. THANKS a million to Mollie et al. for their ENDLESS work on this great Ball–my very first! I am so psyched that Savannah and I WON! Thank you sooooooo much to all you wonderful furiends who voted for us! You’re the best!

    XOXOXOXO to efurryone. Frankly, I’m just ‘zawsted!!!

  47. Congrats to the winners! Yay Nellie, yah Spitty! We just want to tell you Mollie and Alfie that you did a fantastic job on the ball, your post was awesome (unfortunately we were late to the party…or in theese case the ball)! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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