Yesterdayz WORDPREZZ cocked up’z…It sent mozt of youz to our award page..That muzt of been’z so frilling’z for youz all.. I bet’z you were so excited, youz didn’t sleep lazt night’z. Well’z it’z sorted now and wez finkz wez will sue…

Yesterday’z wez did part one of the award’z..You’z wanted uz to answer some queztion’z. Go back one if youz mizzed it. Tomorrow’z wez will do part’z two.

Now’z wez got The lovely NIN looking’z for a datez to the ball’z. He’z smart and fun loving, he dozent want to getz married or haz baby’z. Go check him out’z Girl’z.

NINNext wez haz the lovely GRADY, he iz a pure gentlezman, he love’z to have fun and drezz up..az youz can see’z..Grady iz blind but dat don’t stop him. Go on Gal’z go get a date..Firzt come Firzt served.

GradyWez got diz weal funny video’z, youz gotta see it soooooo funny.

Award queztion’z tomorrow’z from Princezz Zena… See our littlez shop belowz.


Let uz cartoon your pet into a sturdy Mouse Mat..All hand drawn and painted… Sammy kindly modeled for uz. Wipe clean...US..$15.87 plus $4.76 postage. UK..Β£10 plus Β£3 postage.

Sam mat


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43 thoughts on “WHAT A MEZZ UP

  1. We don’t allow mice in the house. Is that mouse mat like a welcome mat? Do you put it in front of the hole the mice use to get in and out of the house? So they can wipe their little mousy feet clean? πŸ˜‰ I like what you did with Sammy.

  2. Ok then there wasn’t something wrong with me! lol!! I thought when I got the award page that I was going more nuts than I already am!
    Your drawing is soooooooooooooo cute!!! I don’t understand though…is a “mouse mat” a “mouse pad?”

  3. blogville be crazed two day two M and A, we tried postin a birthday message on one oh R pals angel pages sew D manee times de masheen just bout wented thru de window….then it wood been werk = sue= uz !

  4. Loving the mouse mat, sorry i haven’t been round here in a while, my silly mummy hasn’t been around to help me update my blog buts i’m back now!!! BOL cats are so odd!!
    Love Milo πŸ™‚

  5. The Video was hysterical. Love the MouseMat..

    Gee Whiz… we feel like total Doofuses… we were some of your readers who saw all of your awards… and we thought that was what you WANTED us to see.. HECK, Mollie… we thought it was all GRrrrreat. Guess we are EASILY AMUSED.

    PeeS.. would you be OFFENDED if my Cussin “FRANCINE and ‘her Ernestine'” come to the Valentine’s Ball? We will tell them NO if you Don’t want them to Crash your Wonderful Ball. No problem. Just let me know.

  6. Thank you furs provin’ my point withs dat video bout how kerazy kitthes is and hows much trubles they cause…now da WHOLE world knows…YAY! I specially liked da kitteh dat hit da wall.



  7. Hiya furriends,
    Just wanted to let you know that I will not be able to come to the ball.
    The Ladycat I asked out is not available. I am not sure whether she doesn’t want to go to the ball with me (little sad face), or if she’s really not available, so I’ll stay home and snuggle with my human since the humans will stay home too (I know that).
    But that’s ok because I have several cool stuff coming!
    Purrs to you both!

  8. Has Grady found a date? Mom said Ash could go with him but if she lets Ash go then Teddy and I want to go and we don’t have dates:( Do you think we could find dates? We are really nice, good-lookin’, manly dudes…at least our mom says so!!!!!

  9. Oh Mollie, we just love your sarcasm at the beginning of the post!!

    That video had mom howling with laughter…it’s a good thing cats have 9 lives ‘cos from the looks of it, they need ALL of them! *BOL*

    Wally & Sammy

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