Thank you to those Luv-ly few ( Hum hum! ) who found time to send in a picture of yooself with a bottle. Well’s we gonna have a voting as I can’t decide cos I Luv’s them all.

Please vote by 3pm ( my’s time ) tomorrow afternoon. Then I can reveal- es who has won and get’s de prezzie. 🙂 Just emails me at  Yooo’s don’t ave to leaves ya name if yooo’s don’t want tooo, just leave the name of the Furriend you finks should win!!


Misaki Having a good ol chomp.




Molly the Wally  Startin at the top!

Look at Sammy from onespoiledcat. He’s a kittieeee!!!





This is Molly from Mitch and Molly she’s certainly getting in there!!



Here’s Easy Completely squashed!! Did weee’s expect any fing else!!

And here we have Doggy from Doggystyle,  Look at that huge bottle he’s attacking!!




Well’s there’s the contenders, they is all Champs to us but yooo’s gotta decide, who yoooo’s fink should get the Prize!! Good Luck to all my Buddies!

Tomorrow’s we see what happened to squeek PIGGY squeek!!!



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39 thoughts on “VOTING NOW UNDERWAY!!!!

  1. How can I possibly chose one? That is so unfair. I vote for Sammy, Misaki and Easy – there, now you have to figure out what to do with that (ps – they aren’t in any order either, so it won’t help to chose the first).

  2. Oh I can’t vote as I am there with one of my many bottles pretending to be ladylike. Just popped by to say Hello Mollie. Actually I vote for them all except me of course.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh those are all good photos! I think Molly from Mitch and Molly should win- she’s really getting in there and you can see the intensity in her face 🙂 Misaki looks good too, and of course Molly the Wally is so ladylike.
    Your furbuddies,
    Joulesl & Prescott

    • I know’s, that’s why I’ms not choosing and it’s all down to yoo guy’s ! I couldn’t possibly pik just one 🙂

  4. Well! I’d love to say ME ME ME but that wouldn’t be very gracious now would it?!?! I’ve gotta vote for Doggy – anybody who takes on a bottle like THAT deserves a handshake (I mean pawshake) ! All the pix are good though – lots of pets “hitting the bottle”… my case Mom actually WOKE ME UP to take that photo – of all the nerve!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

    • Yooo’s do look’s a bit sleepy Sammy or was there someink stronger in that bottle BOL 🙂 We fanks yoooo for sending your picture in and being the only Kitty, yooo’s stand a good chance!! 🙂

    • He was just teriffic wasn’t he? Looked a bit drunk though, said his Mom had just woken him up, Yeah!! Weee’s reckon there was more that water in that bottle!!! heee heee xx 🙂

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  6. Goodness – it’s jolly hard, especially as there’s a kitteh thrown in the mix and we think that Sammy is showing the right kind of cat disdain for the bottle.

    If we’re doing cute, then Molly the Wally could win.

    If we’re doing most mangled bottle, then Molly, Doggy or Easy could win.

    If we’re doing bottle destruction, then Misaki could win.

    How’s that for trying to get out of making a decision? 😀

    • Yeah, yooo’s cheated!!! 🙂 Thank yooo’s for popping by, we luv’s to meet new Furbuddies. Weeee’s gonna pop’s over to yooo’s now, here weeee come 🙂

  7. Why does my pic look so small?
    Anyway, I’ll vote for Sam, simple because he’s like “Whatever, you wanna see that bottle destroyed, then do it yourself, I’m not getting my paws on that”. Love the attitude lol

    • Oh. I’ms sorry Doggie, I couldn’t get it bigger, must just be the photo 🙁 I hasn’t upsets yooo’s have I ? ) I’ll change me staff if i’s have !!! BOL 🙂 x

        • Oh’s yooo’s orrible Misaki, (only’s jokin ) yoo’s don’t miss a trick!! ain’t yooo’s got no Bonio’s to go an eat!!!! 🙂

  8. OO i is not sure oo to vote for, but I will be good and vote for Molly, although can I have a second vote for Misaki purlese? I will swap noms for a second vote BOL!

    • OK DONE!!! It’s nice tooo’s meet yooo’s Dalton, we luv’s having new furbuddies 🙂 Will pops to your pad! Oh’s there’s twoooo’s Molly’s, which one????????????????????????

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