TODAY.. I DIED! 25/01/2016

Jezuz! what the heck’z all’z the comotion about’z ??? OMC… IM’Z DEAD! I’Z DIED! Oh boy’z thiz iz too’z funny.. Humom iz spluttering tear’z all’z over de place, that BLOND iz running around sniffing’z everywhere’z ..FOR MEZ ….. Mawahwhahhwhaha I can see’z her BUTT she’z can’tz seez Mez! A tear drop’z for my Humom az I hate’z to see’z her SO upset’z butt’z I haz had a werd wiff her, gave’z her a brown paper bag, told’z de paramedic’z to go.. She’z gonna bee’z fine..IM’Z STILL FRIGGIN HERE!


Remember’z thiz??

OH and let’z NOT fawget’z thiz !!!!!

My’z job’z NOT done here’z yet..

YEZ, IM’Z  GAYLORD ONE WING  I cannot’z go to rainbow’z bridge till’z I sort that’z Blonde OUT ! and Oh’z what’z fun’z it’z gonna bee’z..SHE CANT’Z SEE’Z ME’Z BUTT I SEE’Z HER !

Untill Iz pawform my task’z I dont’z get’z mez wing’z… Im’z gonna bee’z Mollie’z invisbale’z furiend…Mawahwhahahahhwhhaha.. I lub’z my Fur Sister.. butt there;z NO harm in’z having’z a bit’z of fun’z..

Juzt remember’z… I lub’z you all’z..NO email’z until I get’z two wing’z..I want’z you’z too laugh’z wiff me OK’z



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64 thoughts on “TODAY.. I DIED! 25/01/2016

  1. OH GAYLORD…. we don’t know whether to Laugh or CRY… WE did NOT want this to happen… butt guess that YOU will still be around and THAT is very much GRAND and Gaylordious… BUTT, you NOSE that your peeps is just gonna have to let the Tears Flow since THEY (PEEPS) surely do NOT see the BIG PICTURE… as we all do…

    OMC if you get a good Tail Wind (not one of Mollie’s PHARRRTS either) maybe you could “WING” it across the POND and.. set some thingys Straight around here…
    OMC… WE are Sorry that your peeps can’t see this… it WOULD make them feel BETTER…
    We will just have to be satisfied with sending them OUR LOVE… in your (seeming) absence. ♥ L♥VE !!

  2. Ima laugh Gaylord One Wing because if I don’t there will be tears, which are okay too but I know your Mom doesn’t want us to all be sad. And so we are going to laugh’z wiff you… You are going to be so busy! That Blonde needs sorting out and your Mom needs your help too… ♥

  3. sure know hpw to create havoc..we are trying to laugh but you know..we suck at this stuffs..we been at the vets on an off all week with Doc..damn you crazy anipals..are you trying to mess with us humans heads..cheers kind to the wingless ones..not too naughty ????

  4. OH NO! Not our dear friend …please say this isn’t so. No tears, but please say this is some kind of misunderstanding.

    We love you and The Blond Lady lots!!! You just tell us what you both need and we will try to make it happen.

    Lots of love and laughs and more love

  5. Alfie Kat pleeze look fur Aunty Nylablue ok??? Shee will bee waitin fur you…
    LadyMum iss cryin her head off….shee sayss shee iss not goin to laff fur a long time!!!
    Mee iss sorry you had to dye…you meened thee werld to all of us inn Bloggieville…..
    ***paw patsss*** an BuddhaKat speed Alfie One wing…..
    Siddhartha Henry an (sobbin) LadyMum

    • Hay youz, now calm’z down.. NO TEAR’Z onlie’z laffter.. I’z still here’z juzt that Blond can’t see’z mez. I cant’z get all’z the way up yet az I onlie’z got the one wing’z Butt that gorgeouz gal of your’z iz shouting’z at mez.. I friggin new’z she fancied mez Mawahhwhaahah Well’z she iz doing juzt dandy and she’z gonna have to wait’z for mez..I haz promized her de furzt dance when I get there’z. xxx

  6. Cassie Potatoes and me know you’ll be pulling the damn cat pranks on poor Molls only she won’t know what hit her. Bol!! That’s kinda funny!! Hope our kitty’s don’t get ideas!!

    We’re all going were you are, Gaylord. Y’all just got there first.

    Love to Mollie, Humom, and family. <3

  7. Oh Alfie one wing, soooooo sorry to hear this and soooooo sorry I have not been around for ever and a day. Litchi is waiting for you when you get your other wing. She’s bouncing around there in excitement to see you again.

  8. We’ll laugh with you Alfie but not for you. That is just too hard for humans. Go gracefully (mwhahahaha) and never miss a chance to get one back on Mollie. You do have the cloak of invisibility now. Sending lots of love to the the Blonde and the peeps and big purrs to you dear Gaylord. xxx

  9. We saw this last night and didn’t believe it, so went to bed! This morning ……. ! ??? It’s all a bit surreal and the laughing has a hollow ring to it! But we’ll try! Hugs to your humans xxx

  10. Love to all. It’s hard not to have the fur to hug and cuddle but Zac is still with me after all these years, the big boy Raff can’t compete even though he’s solid….so solid! So go for it Alfie……. never let them forget. Let the games begin……….

  11. I know you are always there… in my heart and in memories… hugs to you all… maybe you can use this one wing to wipe the tears of your mom away… and maybe you can give her an angel kiss… to bring a smile to her face…

  12. Bawhahaha, I can see lotz of Gaylord-One-Wing crash-landingz on the Blonde’z blonde butt (BBB)!!! If you so really strongly need wingz, please be Gaylord-Four-Wingz-Drive so that you can fly though all of the sadnez in your Mom’z heart and fill it with gentle, soothing Purrrrrz!

  13. What?

    What is this? What????????? WTF??????????

    We’re in shock here. We don’t even know what to write. We’re just stunned.

    Do we send our purrayers, does our biped go bawl in the office washroom? We don’t know how to react, but OMC, we are so desperately sorry.

  14. dood….say it iznt sew… yur honor buddy we will due R best knot ta cry; but we gotta say….wingz…?? seer ee iz lee ya dont want em….trust uz on thiz one will ya ~~~ loves two yur familee♥♥♥

  15. Hehehe Alfie you’re Always up to something……Hehehe To Alfie the biggest Plotter of them all!Good luck with your plotting against Molly Dude cause I thinks you’re gonna Need it….hehehe and in getting your 2nd wing,xx Speedy

  16. Gaylord One Wing – what can I say except ROCK ON my friend. My Mom is leaky-eyed too but I told her “don’t cry – he doesn’t want tears!” so she’s gonna be brave like your Mom is. I think it’s a great idea to stick around and torture (oops I mean visit) your sister Mollie – after all, you need to pay her back for all the mean stuffs she’s done to you over the years. I will say this though little buddy……I’ll look for you one day soon…..keep an eye out for me!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  17. Alfie aka Gaylord One Wing, we have not been counted among your friends but we want to be now. We didn’t really know you were here until mom read facebook today. She was so upset at your passing that she vowed to follow you as best she can. To Kali and I you sound like one fun dude and we want to see how you handle the other members of your family.

    Nose Rubs,


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  19. Dearest Alfie/Gaylord/One winged angel…
    I tell you one thing you have always marched to the beat of your own drum and I must say…you are still doing things YOUR WAY!! Bless your heart you are still looking after your furiends and making us smile. Obviously that is why your nickname had ‘Gay’ in it because you are full of gaiety. I bet with one wing you are flying in circles and bumping your noggin and running into stuffs. Maybe you better send out an SOS to Angel Pip for sure he can help you find your other wing. While you are flying around in circles please give the blonde a hard whack on the head and tell her we are laughing just like she asked us to do….
    Sending lots of love and hugs and kitty head bumps
    Madi your bfff and Mom

  20. The mostest glorious Man cat in the Universe has gone to the rainbow bridge before mes!?! Mes sure hopes that yous comes and visits mes in my dreams…and holds that torch of LOVES for mes (Like mes does for yous). Alfie my love, mes sends your Mommy and Molly many many Nellie Kisses (and a scratch or 2) And wes sends lots of strengths!
    Loves yous lots dear heart.
    YOUR Nellie Bellie (who does not has her own blog anymore – life has changed here)

  21. Hey sweetie go take mutt out on that beach, YES IN THE RAIN and walk for a while. So very sorry you lost your lad. You nose Freya Rose Blossom and I know how you feel. Sending you lots and lots of hugs and love mate.

  22. Alfie dood, our mom can’t help but cry – but we know you want laffs – so we’ll tell her to STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOW (but canz we send your humom purrs?)
    And be sure to bite Mollie in the butt fro us – because yanno, you can TOTALLY GET AWAY WIF IT now!!

  23. Gaylord we know that no matter what your Mum will be tearful. We know that you will do a good job keeping them on their toes while you go by Totally Invisible! Wow! That is going to be fun
    Even so we sent purrs and prayers to your family
    Timmy Dad and Furs

  24. Well MOUSES! We came by to say Happy Valentine’s Day and have to say so long buddy. Hope you get your other wing soon. We miss you all. Love getting your E-cards and are sending love to all of you today. Lots of love and a little *sniffle* sorry.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  25. Mollie we know you are not with us and we love you for sending support to our Buddy Budd. I think you know by being where you are with Gaylord that Buddy will not be here long. The Dad cries when he thinks of this so we keep him laughing as much as we can
    Purrs to you pawrents who miss you both
    Timmy and Family

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