Well, wez told youz wez had someink special’z planned and here it iz…Ranger and Mez nakeed at the moment…….BUT youz just wait when wez host’z the

ballRanger and Meselvez iz organizing the most spectacular’z VALENTINE’Z BALL event’z. There will’z be crowning’z, prezzie’z and lot’z and lot’z of fun. Now here’z what you’z haz to do.

1/ Grab the invite’z it’z on your blog ( tell everyone’z,more de merrier’z )

2/ Pal up wiff anuffer buddie..Youz come az a pair..DREZZED up for de BALL.

3/ Send in your enterie’z to me BELNEAMEADOW@GMAIL.COMΒ  or to RANGER

Give your name’z and your blog..

It’z dat simple’z… and what fun. Youz can team up wiff whoever youz want..Dog n Dog, Cat n Dog, Piggie and Dog and so on. Prezzie’z and crowning’z for the best. Lot’z of voting will’z be going on..and youz will all be on the red carpet. So let’z make thiz a Super Duper one off event…

vday-inviteSo get finking who’z ya gonna ask to de dance..If any of youz get stuck wiff the drezzing’z mez, wez will help ya out.

A note’z from Alfie…. Iz there a FEMALE’z out dare, dat would like’z to go to de ball wiff mez ????????????

You’z all’z haz a funtaztic Monday….. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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77 thoughts on “THE SURPRIZE IZ HERE

  1. Hi Guys, sorry I’ve been awol. Would really like to go to the ball, but not sure if I can at the moment! I’m having to keep watch out at Chez Catachresis. But if there is a shy little thing out there who needs a date, give us a call!! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing a Valentines Day Ball will be!! We will have to see if we can find dates! We never had a date since we are young but we will try to find one!

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Oh Dog, Oh Dog, Oh Dog….this iz so eggsitin’…but *sad ears & low tail* i no haz a gurl…so iz puttin’ it out here today…iz dere a luvverly lady out there who wud like to be escorted by dis handsome debonair terrier man? ….i promise to be a gentledawg & wez hav a verry gud time

  4. Oh dear, I hope my mom will let me go since I’m still a puppy. I wonder if anyone will ask me to go with them or will I have to ask them? Is it okay for a girl to ask a boy to the ball? And what will I wear?


    • It is okays Millie, I havez the same problems, what is all this loves stuffs anyways. Does it involve chasing my tail? If so count me in! My ma says being a pup, I’d have to go with someone who is close to me owns age….but does that even matter when chasing your tail?! -Kirby

  5. Hope it is OKAY with you… I have put your Invitation up on TWO of my future posts… with LINKS to your blog. THIS will be FANGtastic. ERNIE is wanting to attend. I hope he isn’t TOO YOUNG. You didn’t say that there was a Minimum AGE. Will there be… MONITORS to be sure the young’uns don’t get any ADULT beverages??????????????????

  6. Oh, this sounds like so much funs Mollie!!! Although, I don’t know who whould goes with ME…. hum, any takers?
    Great idea Mollie and Ranger!

  7. Oh Goodness! Mes will be there with Allred and mes KNOWS Kozmo will be bringing Callie!
    Can’t wait for the PAWTY the badge will bes on my sidebar soonest

  8. OMC. A Valentine’s Dance? Uh oh. This poses a big skeery problem for me. I think I better ask a Bro – Pal to come wif me and we can dance with all the ladies, yeah–that’ll keep me outta trouble for sure.

  9. I would love to join in, but I hate dress up, also the love of my life passed over the Rainbow Bridge just before Christmas. Valentine’s Day is going to be very sad for me this year.
    Hope the rest of you all have fun.

  10. That sounds PAWSOME…but I am in a bit of a pickle ‘cos I was making *special* plans for Valentine’s Day. Maybe I can do the *special* plans thingy first and then we…I mean me…I mean I can come to the ball after. Yes! I think that’s what I’ll do.

    Sammy needs a date by the way – any takers??

    Wally & Sammy

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  12. Mollie’z you are such a party girl! You and Ranger lookin’ good together. I am going to be reading and watching, I have a feeling this is going to be lots of fun and VERY interesting. Kind of like prom and gettting to see who takes who!!! I think I know who Sundae’s date is going to be! PartyPartyParty.. πŸ™‚

  13. OMDs Millie and Ranger!!
    This is spectacular!! Valentine’s Day is also my peeps anniversary. This year will be 43 years for them.

    Ummm I don’t wear clothes but I will have to work on something for the event.
    If you want us to put this on the Mayoral Monday Mews send ust the info.
    Hugs madi and Mom

  14. M & A…..we iz confurmed nut cases…uh we meen we iz confurmed bachelors N bachelorettez but we will be happee ta come N crash…uh, we meen we will be happee ta be ther N enjoy sum foodz N grate companee…speekin oh foods; we will bee mor N happee ta start spreadin de werd ta R pie rats pals oh what kinda goods ewe wood like ta see ther….just let uz noe a few ahead oh time…. coz oh tides N all !!!

  15. OMPUG what fun…magpie and I are so excited about your valentine ball coming up…i think even “mean ole cat dietzman” might bring a date…um?
    I doubt if Stan can come back across the pond so soon so I will need a date and so will magpie…..
    stella rose

  16. Whoo hoo! A pawty!! I hates bein’ dressed up, but if I can convince Mom to put some cool duds on me without me knowing about it, I’ll be there with bells on!! Or something like that….

    Yeah, and I’ll bring along a buddy. It might be a cat, but Alfie would like that, wouldn’t you Alfie?

  17. Very exciting guys! Can’t wait! Shiner and/or Nibblet need dates if anyone wants to go to the ball with them! They are both girls, so I suppose they won’t be going together.

  18. ow wow…this sounds lime a great idea!

    but who can a turtle ask to dance with πŸ™

    I have to think a bit.

    I will put the invitation on our blog as soon as we have time to turn on our PC.

    Great ideaguys πŸ™‚

  19. OMD! This is gonna be sooo much FUN!

    My first thought was to bring several dates – I’m kinda the Harem type Hardy har Har πŸ˜‰

    Butt then, um er….I’m not very good at this (blushing) – Mollie, If you haven’t said Yes to anyone else yet – Would you be MY DATE?

    Awaiting your response in agony,

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  21. WHAT FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ my birthday is on the 15th πŸ™‚ strike of midnight – right after Valentine’s Day …. My mom was gonna call me Valentina – so Glad she picked Catherine instead πŸ™‚ LOL πŸ™‚
    wish i could go to this BALL – you animal friends have so much funnnnnnnnnnnn
    if You need any help with outfits or music or anything – You know where to find me xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxooxoxooxxooxxo πŸ™‚

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