My Nanny took thiz video of mez.. Bet youz dont’z haz to sing for your supper..

( Daddy has one of our WHEAT BAGS round his neck to keep him warm..Check out in our shop )




We are out today’z….Daddie’z day so wez will catch up’z wiff youz all tomorrow’z.. Pawleaze send in an donation’z youz have…


This fantastic 1st prize has been donated  by MY THREE MOGGIES

2nd prize… A cartooned Mouse Pad of your pet from Mollie and Alfie…

Tickets cost $2 each or $9 dollars for 5 ( All proceeds are going directly to Miss Savannah for the vet bills of Leo.. Please see yesterdays post)



2/ We will then issue you with your lucky tickets and give you the PAYPAL name where you pay.   ( If you buy just one ticket .. every dollar helps )


So come on what are you waiting for…… Winner’s  will be announced WEDNESDAY 22nd May.

Please have a look round your pads if you have anything to DONATE for the Auction.. Which will take place MONDAY 20th May..Just email us with your item(s) description and starting price……

You can also buy Tickets and Donate at our buddie MISAKI

Thank you all those that have donated already….

Have a wonderful Saturday..



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31 thoughts on “SINGING FOR MY SUPER!

  1. Well, I finally managed to get my PayPal account and button setup for donations on my site and one has come in so far. Hopefully I can use this to buy a raffle ticket. Firstly, it’s going to exactly the type of thing it should – helping out a desperate animal and, secondly, if I were to win, imagine what I could get for the shelters here (I’m assuming I’d be able to use the voucher here in SA). So, yes, I want to buy one raffle ticket.

    You guys are doing such an awesomely fantastic thing. I’m so proud of you!

    Wish all I had to do for my dinner was sing.

  2. Molly you have a lovely singing voice – have you thought about perhaps becoming an opera star? Sorry it’s still cold there where you are – we have Spring but just barely some days. It looks like everybody is really leaping on board the Leo Express Train – anything anybody can do to help, they are doing. We can’t wait for Monday’s auction!!!!

    Happy Daddy Saturday!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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  4. Mollie you have a MARVELOUS singing voice!! You could go on Tour with the Justin the Beaver guy !!

    WE got our tickets fur the raffle thingy yesterday. It was super easy. THANKS fur helpin out the poor kitty.

  5. Boy, I sure hope you got a nice fat burger for that performance. If not, next time just give him one verse instead of the whole song until he forks over the good stuff.

  6. You sure can talk Mollie. Our Little Bit came to the computer to hear what you were saying. Too cute.

    Have a woof woof day. Scritches to you and Alfie. Big hugs to your mom. 🙂

  7. So did you ever get that piece of meat, Mollie??? Nice singing, but sheesh – feed the poor girl.

    We love how your ears move to the beat of your song.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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