Hay all you DUDES, here we haz a selection of lovelie’z looking for a date to the VALENTINE BALL. just click on the link of the one you’z fancie’z and go pop the question.

RANGER haz the date blog for all the available MALE’Z so pop over and take ya pick.

Wez haz the lovley STELLA ROSE looking for that pawfect date, she’z a pawty animal and love’z to drezz up.

stella RoseThen we’z haz her gorgeou’z sister MAGGIE who love’z to play and iz a good fun time gal. Wez fawght az she’z a pup, the ideal date would’z be KIRBY

MaggieNext wez haz the bootiful’z KYLA love’z to danze and drezz up. Youz can alway’z find her by the food’z table.. not a lettuce leaf gal.

KYLANow we’z haz the fun loving’z RUBY love’z bubble’z and a good time.

rubyCheck Diz Gal out, thiz iz the dazzling MILLIE love’z to pawty and dance.

millie_beauty-in-snowNow if youz a gal and still looking for a date, send mez ya photo BELNEAMEADOW@GMAIL.COM

If ya a boy, send ya photo to RANGER at SCOTTIERANGER@GMAIL.COM

Start sorting out what ya gonna wear, and get ya photo’z in az soon az pozzible’z. Don’t’z forget’z to tell all ya furiend’z..Wez want to haz a ball. ANY age pup’z can attend but only pop will be served for them.


 You all’z have a funtaztic Wednezday. See ya tomorrow’z xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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59 thoughts on “MOLLIE’S DATE BLOG

  1. Hiya Mollie! Momz promised to get yur badge up on my blog today (slacker Momz!) and the lovely Misaki has been hard at work designing our festive finery…These gorgeous gurls are not gonna have any trubble finding dates Iz sure

  2. Thank you for posting magpie’s picture and me….although whoever asks me will need to remember my heart belongs to stan and we would just be going as friends!
    Have a great day!
    stella rose

  3. We thought Stella Rose would be going with STAN the Man.

    Ernie is really workin on gettin a date… He has about burned all his brainy cells up on it.

  4. Hey Mollie, Hey Alfie, Jet here.

    Wowee wow wow! I guy could get into trouble looking at all these lovely ladies! I think I’m set, however, must send out a proper invitation….

  5. All those gorgeous ladies need a date. If I didn’t already have a date I would ask Kyla or Stella why they are so pretty ~ Pretty Women walkin down the street!
    Did I say I have my date.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. You’ll need to copy the entire email address for the boys list because we clicked on it and it gave an address missing the first S in Scottie,so the email bounced. Grady chased it, retrieved it, and we sent out a new email. :O)

  7. can we showz up nekkid…..we trooly N reeely N reeely N troooly dont like wearin pants; ore ties, ore shirts N dai$y iz knot a loud ta wears a brazeer sew her wood look kinda dumpy ina dress….

  8. Thank you for posting my picture here. I had to let Samuel down since my mom told me she had already been asked by another Dood if I could go to the ball with him. I feel so bad about Samuel as he is a very nice boy too. It is tough to be so wanted 😉


  9. Kirby tried, his bestest way a puppy can to ask Miss. Maggie on to the valentine’s dance, but no reply yet, If it don’t work out though he surely doesn’t mind, as luckily he’s a pup so just hanging out and chasing his tail will do just fine! 🙂

  10. Hi Mollie, I am Sasha, I saw that you are having a Valentines dance. We have a lot of the same pals so I was hoping we could be pals as well. My sweet Remington has already asked me to the dance. It will be our 1 year anniversary as our first date was at the Valentines Day Ball last year. I am looking forward to this year.

    Loveys Sasha

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