Wot’z all’z diz about’z youz ask’z yourselve’z…. Well wez waz asked to do a review..Wez get asked but’z wez dont’z often doo’z dem but’z wez waz not letting’z diz one slip by.


Maqnifiscent products  are non-toxic alcohol and paraben free formula safe for use on all pets.

  • Neutralizes bad odors

  • Conditions your pet’s skin and coat.
  • Over 200 fragrances to choose from

  • Create your own custom scent

  • Serving customers all over the world

  • Used by 25 groomers nationwide and growing

  • Family owned and operated



Mommy got scent a Baby Powder flavor… Oh my word, she squirted onto my coat ( it’s a pump spray not aerosol)  and massaged it in. I was in Heaven.

What Mommy thought about the product

It was amazing, Mollie enjoyed the massage and she smelt good enough to eat after. It conditions and De-tangles furs leaving your pets coat, super soft without being sticky. It has a special scratch and smell formula. When I cuddled Mollie in the morning, it reactivated the smell.

I took her down the beach for a run, she always comes back smelling of crabs, I used the Magnifiscent on her and the nasty smell was gone..

If you have a smelly dog or not you will love this product. I used it on Alfie too , as he is so fluffy it made brushing him so much easier.

Magnifiscent is made in the US by a family owned buisness.

What I was surprised at, it is so affordable $12.99 for a large 8fl.oz bottle.

For every bottle sold, they donate $2.00 to the ST.TAMMANY PARISH NO KILL SHELTER. Which we thought was wonderful.

I can honestly say, you won’t be disappointed with this grooming and finishing splash.

Go check out their page click HERE

Now we asked them if we could let a few of our buddies try this out.. Three lucky winners will receive a sample direct from Magnificent..all we ask is that you share your opinion.

Just leave in comments why you would like to try this amazing product. Three lucky winners will be chosen by Random.Org.

Youz all haz a wonderful’z day’z


Pe-ezz..  Lazt day to get your cake photo’z in for Henry’z birthday at My Three Moggies


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  1. Dear Mollie,

    My Lady says I should try this product because I hate a bath. She says the word bath and I run for the hills. She has never been able to give me a bath so I smell all the time. Phod has learned from me and runs too. We need a miracle like magnifiscent.

    Thanks, Hailey

  2. Oh wow that sounds great. Love that you can make your own scent too!
    When I decide to take a dip in the stagnant pond which is in the nature reserve by the river, I always come out all lovely and stinky, but daddy calls me a swamp donkey and dumps me in the bath:-(
    So I would love to try Magnifiscent in the hope that it would stop me having to suffer the B-word!

  3. Ohhhh. Mommy would so love to win this! It does sound like Magnificent would my long fur nice and super soft. The biggest plus is that it isn’t sticky which is great!


  4. “she smelt good enough to eat after” – that sounds scary, poor Mollie (can you appoint me as your heir of the new bra, please?) It sounds like magic to me – I’m always smelly from the rain and my dad would be glad if his bad wouldn’t smell anymore like a wet dog – maybe the wonder bottle would help me (and dad)?

  5. Well I don’t GET baths since I’m so good at keeping myself in purrrrrfect shape all the time (hahahaha), BUT Mom says she’d quite like me to smell like a baby too……she uses baby powder herself and she’s certainly no BABY – if it’s good enough for HER I guess it’s good enough for me!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. OMDs Mollie your mom sprayed you with baby powder scent I know you must smell most divine and your furs soft.
    I wonder if they make Fish scent spray for felines?
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  7. Mom loves baby powder scent…if I had that she would be all over me. Me, I prefer something like roadkill or seagull poo…do they have those too??? Seems like they make those scents just or human noses!

  8. OMD Mollie are you going over to the dark side being all nice and clean and smelling delicious? I’d have to go and roll in some roadkill after that. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Oh yeah Mollie we would love to try a sample of the good perfume…mom is always looking at the stores for something that will help keep us fresh smelling between the bathes!
    stella rose

  10. Oh YES!! I can smell Leo all over my house…if he smelled like baby powder maybe I wouldn’t have to yowl and hiss about him every now and then…count me in. And I sent MTM my cake entry 🙂

  11. I would love to try that product on Sheba it sounds great. I love to take Sheba out into the country so i can walk her off lead away from traffick but she’s got a terrible habit of rolling in horse and fox poo, rolling on dead animals or running through the ditches full of stagnant water. She goes out smelling of roses and comes back smelling of compost lol.


  12. Molly, that sounds like a great product! 200 scents is a lot to choose from, wow! Glad you and your human enjoyed the product. We might have to look into this for our pups since baths are not appreciated around here.

  13. Hey Mollie,

    So now you smell like a baby? Guess it’s better than smelling like a crab! 🙂

    I’d love to try it cos I think my Mum would love it if I smelt like a baby, she says I’m a fur baby, I don’t think that helps my street cred too much though!

    I’ll have to check out if you can buy this here in the US?

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  14. Well dang – do they have “wet dog smell” – or “rolled on something dead smell” – or “Oh oh – someone has a grotty bott” smell. Personally those are our favorites but I am sure Mom would love something a bit nicer smelling 🙂 🙂

  15. What a great idea. Our Little Bit is highly allergic and we have to be ever careful what we feed her and what we put on her. Bugger.

    Have a woof woof day Mollie. My best to your mum. 🙂

  16. That looks really nice. The baby powder scent sounds lovely.
    Mum was just reading about a lady in Japan who gives dogs aromatherapy massages and makes the fragrances herself.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  17. OMD OMD WE could surely use that stuffs HERE today.. MOM has been SCREECHING her famous not even used on HBO words as ERNIE… beclaws HE rubbed BIRDS POOP on his head, ears Neck and COLLAR..

    OH YES… that pawduct would have Saved our Ears Drums today.

  18. Sounds like a great product. We will have to check out the website. Mom thinks it would really be nice to have that baby powder scent around here:0

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. This new stuff sounds very nice! Especially since they help animals too! I think I will like to try it 🙂 I just hope no one actually eats me…

  20. M & A…grate ree viewz; we will chek out de link…mollie…R yur gonna haz ranger come over now that ewe iz smellin gooooooooooood for him !!



  21. Hi Mollie and Alfie!
    Okays…wesa would like that wonderful spray so we don’t smell like Frito pugs anymore…FYI…Fritos are a corn chip made in the USA. Fresh Frito smell is one thing…rotten Frito smell is quite another.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  22. If they had one for sensitive or allergy skins The Help would love me to try it. She hasn’t found a shampoo or product yet that can stop my itchy tummy – I think she has tried everything on the market here!!!!
    And if it detangles hair….. Oh Mollie, us long haired gals know how much nicer that is!

  23. OMD!! I would love to try this out Mollie! Why you ask? I will tell you…..I STINK!!! Yups, I said it (okays, Ma said it, butts it’s true….), I stinks.
    Paws crossed I win!! (Ma said she would like to smell something nice for a change…) BOL

  24. Hey I’ve heard of this stuff before. Even though Shiner HATES being sprayed, I would still like to test it out on her… she’s rolling her eyes now! 😉 She has some perfume already, but the smell doesn’t seem to last very long.

  25. Wow, that does sound like a really cool product line for sure! We love baby powder scent too. We will forgo entering though because my Human says I always smell good! Good luck to all entries!

  26. Oh wow…uhm…we NEED this prize / scent because dad is always calling us “schtinky puppies” and won’t let us up on the couch with him and mom at night if we haven’t been bathed recently…and you know how hard we had to fight to get our couch privileges.

    Ok…so that is why we NEED to win…ok?

    Wally & Sammy

  27. This seems like something wonderful for a dirty pug like me! My mama and papa clean me with puppy wipes every day but sometimes I smell.. well, wet. This seems like a nice alternative to try. I’ll send mama over to check it out!

  28. Our hairy slobbery sister Bob smells funky. Its not her fault, she is a little old and has a “leakage” problem. She has baths, but she still is, um, less than pleasant sometimes.
    Please – me hopes me is not too late to enter!

  29. Your mommy covered up your magnificent crab smell with some weird baby powder smelling stuff?! Appalling! We hope you find a dead thing to roll in soon to right this grievous situation, Mollie!

    Susan and Wrigs

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