Last week’s Wez won some awards..and Wez told youz Wez saved up some more..So Wez not gonna be lazy ( like Wez did one time ) and say grab it..cos that don’t happens at the awards!! So’s Wez gonna spend hours on a Sunday night ( when Wez could bee’s havin fun ) sharin wiff youz..

First Wez nicked were given the ” lipstick award ” from our good pal Dakota Our Mom’s just love lippy…..

So Wez fought..who else would like a bit of LIPPY. Who needz a bit of glamour in there life..theyz works so hard, and sometimes they forgetz about dem selfs.. Well, Wez given this award tooo’s………….


KYLA..She won’t fank Mez and willz hate it and neffer show it that’s whyz I have shared thiz wiff ..heeeeehaawwwaabbaaw..

SPITTY From Spitty Speaks..I finks he could do wiff’s a laugh….

KATNIP LOUNGE Their Mommy waz weally stressed the uffer week, wiff the heat and uffer Wez fawught she wood’s like to have a day to herself and glam up, wiff some lippy….

MISAKI She’s kill Mez if I had lippy and she didn’t….

AWARD NO 2: This Waz from our Darlin furriend TEXAS cat in NY….


Wez gonna give this tooz:

SNOOPY..Wez luv’s our Snoop’ this is for youz……..

ZAC: Zactheallblack..He’s one of our new furbuddies and he’s just terrific….

LONGLIFECATSANDDOGS:  Theyz helped Mez make big Bucks out of little Bucks…Theyz just great….

DOGGY: From Dogdystyle: So cute, adorable, fun lovin pup…..

ANIMALCOURIERS Theyz always have found time to visit uz, even when dayz so busy…youz will luv’s em…

BRIAN AND HIS GORGEOUS SISTERS: Brianshome..Alwayz there helpin the kitties and alwayz there for uz..Go see what dayz do…

AND THE LAST AWARD:  This waz given by our good pal MISAKI donkyez ago:

And Wez give this tooz:

CLOVER: Clover and Poppy..our new piggy furriends who Wez love..Youz will tooz….

THE WOOS: Four of our best buddies, and what beautiful looking Dawgs theyz are..go seez if ya don’t believes Mez …..

GOOSE: Thegospelaccordingtogoose….He certainly Rocks and willz keep ya on the right paff..

CUPCAKE: Cupcakespeaks..he’s had such a hard timz but he’s found happiness wiff his forever Mommy..and Wez luv’s him.

MIDGE AND MOLLY..Theyz the cutest Airdales Wez effer seen..and dayz like Mez..loves Ice cream…

MYTHREEMOGGIES: Three gorgeous kitties wiff a sense of humour..unlike my Alf’s ….

CHANCY AND MUMSY: Youz will just loves Chancy..

Wellz Wez wanna fanks youz all for the awards..Wez tryin to spread them out evenly wiff our Furriends..

Hope that’s made yor Monday a happy one 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





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59 thoughts on “LOVE IS ?….SHARIN….

  1. Thank you – that makes us very happy indeed 🙂
    It is with great honour that I accept this Beautiful Blogger Award and being a Tibbie of great generosity I will share it with The Princess 🙂

  2. That’s amazing! Congratulations on your numerous awards! You certainly deserved it. Hey Mollie. We’ve seen you in a bra, when are we going to see you in lipstick? Hahaha.

  3. Congrats on all the lovely awards! And thank you for sharing:-) LOVE my lipstick award, though a bit disappointed not to see a pic of you wearing some BOL xx

  4. Dear Mollie and Alfie – we are not remotely surprised that you have oodles of awards – you make us howl with laughter and brighten any day with your outrageous behaviour and pranks. Well done yoooz.
    We are very touched by our award – thank you so much! We keep thinking we will do a reciprocation post but we are completely hopeless 🙁 one of these days we’ll even surprise ourselves and do the thank yous we owe so many!

    • Ahhhh fank youz guyz..youz made our eye’s water 🙂 You need to take the uffer award..coz Wez noticed, youz got the one Wez gave you..xx000xx

    • Youz sure has a olvely blog Cupcake 🙂 Make sure’s everyone seez it..:) xx00xx pride of place coz youz soooo lovely 🙂

    • Fank youz Easy..don’t forget’s to take which one youz want 🙂 By popular demand..I willz be seen soon, in my Lippy 🙂 xx00xx

  5. Congratulations on all your awards!! WOW that’s a lot of them. And I am humbuled that you thought of me. I’m all a blush. Thank you!

    • Wez finks youz great Goose, and every furbuddie loves an award 🙂 Get back to nappin, youz so tired wiff all those furbuddies to playz wiff..:) xx00xx

  6. An award? For meez? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    I am sosososososo happeh! Thank yoos Mollie! I will have to tell Mummeh when she gets back from her holiday later!
    Piggeh kisses,

    • Wez knewz you would be squeekin wiff joy…:) Hope Mummeh had a great holiday and that she’z bought youz treats back 🙂 xx000xx

  7. Wowwie! Zowwie! Yous guys is really racking up the awards! And yous knows what?
    Yous deserves every one of them! Purrticularly that supreme cutie ALFIE! He IS a HUNK of a Man Cat!

    • Ah fank youz Nellie, take which ones youz likes 🙂 Do ya wanna a boyfurriend ???? Alfies lookin for a girlfurriend and he’s half Siameeze 🙂 xx000xx

    • Fank youz Texas and fank youz for the award :).. Hope yor havin a great day..playin wiff ya cute little playmate 🙂 xxooxx

  8. hee hee hee! Mommy says she has a tube of lipstick somewhere in a drawer rolling around…we’ll make her put some on a take a photo! Thanks for the award, and con CATDOGulations!

  9. Oh, you are just so sweet to think of us!! Congratulations on all your awards! We love your blog. We will put out a formal ‘thank you’ when we do another post on awards. Thank you for passing the One Lovely Blog Award on to us. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Youz don’t need to doo’s a formal fank youz..Wez not posh..Youz alweady fanked us..If ya wanna bit of lippy..just take that one tooz 🙂 xxooxx

  10. Thanks!
    This like winning an Academy award, only that my speech will not be interrupted by any music and I don’t have to be PC or anything like that.
    But I have no speech prepared :/
    And I’m with Easy, you deserve all the awards, but I wanna see the lipstick pic too lol

    • I’ze will do the lipstick..youz do an award ceromomy 🙂 Wez got somink commin up..that’s right up your street..Not tellin youz wot it is 🙂 but it has a present 🙂 🙂 🙂 bol xx00xx

    • Austin..youz take wot award youz like..Wez did say everyone take one..:) It wood’s of taken us dayz to link every furrbuddies name…youz our buddy so youz get pick of the crop 🙂 xx000xx

    • Fank youz Dakota..Yor Mom’s so special 🙂 and boy, she works hard..Has she got her “Lippy on ” ?? Bol. Wez got someink special commin up for youz..Humom’s gotta sort it..and youz nose wot she’s like wiff a compawter..Uhh..Youz willz see hopefully, sooner than later..Bol..Have a great Monday xx00xxx

  11. Oh Mollie and Alfie – you two are the sweetest in the whole world! Thank you so much for my Beautiful Blogger Award – Yippeee – we are very excited 🙂 🙂 🙂 (I don’t know how to do laughing faces – only smiling faces, so it’s just lots of smiles here). I’m going to go tell the whole zoo here that they are beautiful and have a new award. Sending lots of kitty rubs, doggy lick and springbok pronks to you two.

    • Ahhhh fank youz, Wez Loves ya bloggy and youz 🙂 If ya want a ” Lippy one ” youz take it as wellz 🙂 wellz it’s back to more Mayhem tomorrow’s..Have a great day 🙂
      Big Hugs…and Wez just luv’s Kittie rubs, doggy licks and springbok pronks 🙂 xxooxx

    • She know’s but hasn’t showed her face…Nah, she wouldn’t be grateful..bol..Wez fink it’s funny 🙂 She hasn’t collected it, coz she wood’s have to say fank you..bol 🙂 That, or she’s totally overwealmed and is lookin for the right words to say..bol 🙂 xx00xx

  12. Woohoo!! Big Congrats on your awards!! 🙂

    And thanks so much for passing the Beautiful Blogger award to me – you’re so sweet!! Are you flirting with me again Mollie? I hope so!! Tee Hee

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  13. Well, l Fank U for the award, but I hafta say: I’m not sure I should be getting a Lipstick Award less than a week after my you-know-whats were mercilessly hacked off! On the other hand, this *IS* San Francisco, so I might as well make the best of it, MOL!!! Thanks, Mollie!

    • Wez fought it wood’s make ya laff Spitty..Youz needed a bit of cheerin up’s 🙂 Even though, theyz been hacked off…Your alwayz be a big strong MANCAT to mez 🙂 xx00x

  14. Pingback: Beautiful Blogger Award « Zac The All Black

    • Hay Savannah..Wez been weally lucky wiff our furbuddies given us these lovely awards….Wez loves yoz all and the bling 🙂
      Big cuddles..your Alfie xx00xxx

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