Nowz wez would likez to share wiff youz some fing Wez got…LOOK!

Our good Furriendz ALL THINGS COLLIE gave uz this lovely award..Wez fank youz very much..

Wez gonna give this to……

How Sam see’s it ( Sam and Monty ) and Snoopy ( Snoops dog blog ) Goose (The Gospel of Goose ) Wez nose youz probably all’z got this but it’z the fawght that countz..   NEXT: I’m changing my rulez wiff this..Youz suppose to givez it to  14  buddies… I’mz gonna give it’z to 6  ( Wez hatez rulez ) and if everyone getz it, they’z got nuffin to look forward tooz..Agree??? MISAKI   gave uz this special award.. Fank youz so much.

This is going tooz : Kjelle Bus ( my furriend Charlie ) Sweet days under the oaks ( Our new furriend )  Dakota ( Our mad furriend, who makez uz laff wiff his commentz )  Texas ( Our best pal in NY ) and KING Spitty ( He’z a gurate furriend  ) and last but not least CATachersis ( who’z been our furriend forever ) Why are Wez  WTMR..coz Wez read all your blogs, word for word and Wez luv’s youz all…There..Wez don’t nose what ya suppose to say, so Wez made that up… And Wez have anuffer AWARD…. From our best Buddie DOGGY

Notice the Diamond he gave Mez..It must be Love’z. I’z not passing this on to any body..Thiz iz Mine…XXXXX LOVE YOU ALL’Z XXXXXXXXXXXXXX





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42 thoughts on “LOOK, WHAT WEZ GOT!

  1. BOL!! I just LOVE the Ass Award!! Congrats on both your awards Mollie!!!!
    You sure deserve them (I hope that’s not an insult for the Ass Award! hehe)



  2. Congrats on all the awards Mollie. Now, having just enlisted the assistance of Jetty the Gentleman to handle the Hostage Negotiations, I’d be very, very weary of a dinner date.
    PS – if, as a hostage, you are forced into a dinner date, I would suggest wearing your most delightful bra, that shows off your shape beautifully.

  3. Hehehehe! Who’s a silly ass?? molmol love it!

    Austin here. zzzzz z zzz zzzzzz. Oh for goodness sake!!!

    Taeverso for the WTMRAFURTJO award – sorry got a bit carried away mol 😛 I hope there are no rules!! We don’t do rules 😉 SO excited :))

    How did puppy class go? did we miss the fallout? Sorry been a bit awol. Have a great day xoxoxox

  4. Congratulations Mollie on your award and thank you so much for thinking of Under the Oaks. I become so befuddled at accepting awards and I am such a PROcrastinatin’ kind of person AND such an old rebel about rules that I decided a long time ago to be an award free blog. But I tell ya, that Ass Award is very tempting. I just told Sammy I might nab it if I was doing awards. Mollie! Dognapped????… 😯

  5. Hey Big Congrats on your awards buddy – and you’re SO sweet to think of me! 🙂

    Is Doggy sending you Diamonds to win your love?! Not sure if I can compete with that, I’m just genuine, got no fancy gifts….. but I love ya!

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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