I fink’z my Humom’z getting so old so….

Wez got a tezt for ya all’z today’z..It’z de old TEZT….How’z do youz know’z if ya getting’z old? If you’z can say ” Yez dat’z me, to free of theze “ then yez..youz getting friggin old.

I/ When’z youz notice evertfing going’z souff.

2/ What’z you’s did all’z night, now’z take’z youz all night’z to do’z.

3/ When’z ya move’z off the sofa, somink snap’z.

4/ You’z leave de LOO and youz still going.

5/ When’z youz can’t see’z that needle’z hole anymore, take’z ya friggin age’z to get de cotton in.

6/ When’z ya have a sherry at Miday’z ( just’z the one )

7/ When’z ya waz firzt togeffer and weally slim, you’d rub togeffer, spark’z flying. ( Fat dont’z haz the same friction’z )

8/ When’z you go to de LOO and someone’z left one sheet of paper on the roll ( about’z az useful az a chocolate T-POT ), She’z alway’z screaming’z about dat!

9/ The old’z clazzic…Rubber Necking’z on the sofa, it’z only 7 pm, when she should’z be playing’z wiff mez.

10/ Getting’z up’z for free pee’z in de night.

old ladieMe eye’z are dim…I cannot’z see’z..I haz not brought’z me speck’z wif Mez.

11/ When’z ya fart’z going up de stair’z.

12/ Fur’z start’z to spout in the mozt weidest’z place’z

mol glaWell’z my Humom got a full houze,what did your’z get.

Have’z a wonderful’z Wednezday, waz it suppoze to be’z wordlezz? Oh well’z.



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35 thoughts on “IZ YOUR’Z OLD ????

  1. If we could switch Bourbon fur Sherry our mom would ACE this test.
    Butt we don’t think it is anythingy to be braggin about. BaaaaWaaaah

  2. Tasha here! my mommy isn’t old cause she plays with me everyday and does lots of yard work. She says she’s gonna make it real pretty in my yard. Us girls gotta have flowers and roses and lots of color. Oh wait! there was only one time I farted really stinky and then my people’s put me outside.

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