Wez getting in early coz Chritzmaz iz just round the corner. Most of our buddiez livez milez away..so Wez gotta start diz now.

What Wez want to do : CHRITZMAZ CARD SWOP……..Watz ya got to do, iz email’z me ( Alfie ).. Wiff ya pad addrezz. Then I willz mail back, wiff mine. Hay Ho and off wez go.( We can donate all our used cards to the shelter, they get money for them..our way of helping )

Also, watz I’z gonna do. Iz dress youz up for Chriztmaz..

Ain’t diz fun ??? Through November and December, I willz put youz dressed up on our bloggie. If youz would like’z to take part, just say ME in comment’z.. I will’z of courze have my Elf to help’z mez. ( Not looking too emprezzed )

Az thiz iz our FIRST chriztmaz bloggin, Wez want to make’z it special’z for all’z our new furbuddie’z… Let’z all’z celebratez togeffer.




IN HIZ FLUFFY RED HAT.……………………………….BOL!!!!

So comez join in the fun..Youz neffer knowz what you might’z receive from Mollie and Alfie…BOL


HO HO HO…Have a great Thurzday and every one STAY SAFE!

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33 thoughts on “HO HO HO..LET’Z HAVE FUN!

  1. ME too! And since I already have your address and you have mine – we’ll be sending you a Christmas card in the mail as well. What a lovely idea…….you guys come up with the BESTEST ways to celebrate EVERYTHING! Oh – and Alfie – I know you’re not FAT…you’re just FLUFFY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. I think I am going to offer up either CH(yeppers), me or the Suds Bunny, unless there is a kitten in da pad(pad! love it)by then for dress up. Youz… er you have my address I got yours so if a Christmas card helps the shelter I am sending one or two or a bajillion. Alfie does not look like an idiot, I love me some Alfie and his nose. So I guess this means Alfie won’t be arriving via Big Brown.. 🙁

  3. What a great idea!! Though I was shocked (in a good way) to see you already talking about Christmas, it’s Mum’s favorite holiday, so she’ll probably see this as and excuse to start playing the Christmas music!!

    Oh, I nearly forgot – ME – is that all I need to do?

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  4. de mail frum uz bee on de way
    me me me me me me ….hay
    we likes gettin sum Christmaz cards
    therez a ******** burdz now in R yards……


  5. You are really on the ball! We tried to talk mom into doing cards but she said her arm was broke. Now her arm looks just fine and we don’t see any problem with it but that is what she told me and Stanley when we begged her. Rats!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I love the idea of having christmas all through November and December… I’ll just have to see if any brave soul here at the ranch can be talked into wearing a costume so that I can send in a photo. 🙂

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