This week has been a sad week for a lot of Uz but as they’z say On woods and Upwoods.”.Is that the sayin Alf?? ”


See Alfie waz playin SASSY..the girl..that’s whyz he had the PINK bandana on…

Youz had Uz howling wiff some of ya answers…..

The Buddies that got it right….


DOGGY…….GOOSEWHISPPY.….ANIMALCOURIERS…AND MITCH AND MOLLY.……SNOOPY.… Wellz done and grab ya token.. ( only 8 left to get Doggy )

On a sadder note: Our friend..TJ GARDEN she lost her beloved cat Sly…There blog is great..all abouts plants, weird animals even spiders.. We would like to let youz nose, we are finking of youz..

They wood luv to hear your Purrs and Woofs..







Now how cool is this..Our great Buddie TEXAS…from Texas cat in NY. Gave it to Uz. Fank youz soooo much.. Now Wez have to pass it on to 10 buddies.. so here Wez goes.





MOLLY THE WALLY ……WHISPPY the furries if whisppy.  RUBY….and last but not least…….TJ’S GARDEN.   Wez wood of given it to our Pal EASY  but he’s just gots it too.

Wellz, that waz a nice cheerie ending..Have a great day…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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47 thoughts on “HIGHZ AND LOWZ….

    • Wez sooo happy Sammy..Wez did all the award sharin last week, so Wez picked some new buddies to give it tooz this time 🙂 xx00xx

    • You guy’z are good..only 9 tokens to get 🙂 Just make sure youz catch up wiff Doggy..wez do someink Girlie next time..he mights not nose it then..bol 🙂 xx00xx

  1. Sorry for Sly, I’m very sad… what a week…
    Congratulations on your Award!!!
    hmmm… homeward bound… but their were faster at home with a car… just saying BOL

    • Tell Mez about it..they say’s fings come in three’s..Let hopes that’s it now for a while.. 🙂 I saw that film..Dude 🙂 xxooxx

  2. Oh dog! Mummy goes out for one day and we miss everything! I don’t think she’s allowed out again BOL.

    But thank you for the award 🙂

    Mummy has finally replied to your mummy’s email, she’s such a slacker!

    • Goods four youz Cupcake..Wez neffer laughed so much..Last night Wez was so down, coz Wez neffer lost furriends before..Wez felt so guilty…coz wez was howling!! and I’mz sure youz don’t stink..bol xxx00xxx

    • I’ze don’t mind sharin wiff Mollie, Wez just like one weally..Wez loves each uffer..Did ya Mommy get glammed up wiff the Lipstick, that she had rollin in her drawer..B..M..OL XX00XX

  3. Mollie,
    Where should I submit the 10 Paw Tokens I’ve won?
    I need to cash them for the 20 millions euros you promised.
    Thanks for the award, I’ll make sure to properly thank you for thinking of us for this.
    It’s gonna be hectic the next 2 weeks, I hope blogspot continues to send me your posts for review so I know when to vote, that’s how I do it, secret revealed.

    • Wez nose,,will your Prezzie get to you for the uffer competition ?? Humom made someink special for Doggy..Wez will let ya know when Paw Token comes up 🙂 2 down..8 to go::) xxx

      • I read your comment at Le Clown hahahaha.
        You just ask the net time for 200 noses for your friends, today is the last day of the contest, I’m gonna lose in part cuz I still don’t get it 100%, so you are not alone, I just fake it and make as if I’m fully aware of it. But honestly everytime i post something I fear I’d hear a laugh and see a pointing finger calling me dumb.
        Yesterday’s challenge was nice tho.
        You comment made me laugh before going to bed, so we are even.

        • Oh I waz totally brain dead..I tapped the f key and some stars..and when I pressed send..the whole F word was there..lol I’ve gone across to day, answered the animal one..and asked for the noses for you.. .I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing but I’m glad I made ya laugh 🙂 xxx

  4. Oh, I am so sorry about your friend Sly. I’ll be thinkin’ of their peeps.
    Congrats to you and your bloggie award!!!! And, thank you from the bottom of my furry little heart for thinkin’ of ME!! {hugs}
    Have a fab weekend!!



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