Wez had intuder’z all’z weekend so wez not bin about’z.. Will’z catch up wiff youz all tomorrow’z.

I couldnt’z find my’z pink bra anywhere’z..I’z looked and looked. I fawght’z EASY had come’z and nicked it, he soooo want’z dat one. I got mail from GIZMO.. LOOK what he sent mez.. It’z mez bra. How de heck did it end up in hiz neck of the wood’z ???


Sun’z out today’z… Im’z sitting’z on FD’z lap ..

dad1He will’z bee’z asleep in 3  —- 2 ——-1—- GONE….. ( Bawahhwaawwwa )

dad2Wez having’z a BBQ for the intruder’z today’z and I’z hope’z to get’z sum chickun.



MAGAnd dare’z more……..

posClick HERE to find out more information…

You all’z have a wonderful Sunday




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51 thoughts on “COMPLETE’Z RANDOM’Z

  1. Hey sweet. I got my surprise package. Yippy. I’m gonna blog about it tomorrow.
    Do I need to bit someone (Gizmo) for stealing your pink bra?
    Pees. I’ve got my Mom making a quilted doggie blankie for the auction. It should raise 87 zillion dollars.

  2. Enjoy the sun, enjoy your Daddy’s lap, enjoy the BBQ, and I’m hoping a big, ol’ hunk o’chicken lands next to you!!! 🙂 Ma thinks your Peeps have a really lovely garden.

    Yours in BBQ Dreamland

  3. BOL! Yep, I sneaked over and snagged your bra Mollie cause my garden needed a bit of brightening up and a little bit of Mollie did the trick…Your many admirers are welcome to visit any time 🙂

  4. BBQ CHICKEN??? THAT makes having intruders… well worth it. RIGHT??
    Darn Girrrrrl… you really have a tuff time keepin your Bras don’t you. you should start HIDING them a bit better. BUTT it DOES look very pretty there.

  5. A BBQ? Great! Hope you will get a lot of grilled chicken. It’s ok, that the flower-lady now has the bra – wonder how she would look without hehehe. Have a great sunny sunday!

  6. Someone dressed up that tree very nicely. I like it a lot.

    FD looks very comfortable even with you on his lap.

    Have a woof woof day Mollie. Scritches to you and Alfie. My best to your mom and FD. 🙂

  7. Hope you can enjoy your time with the intruders, Mollie. Be very nice to them, and maybe they will drop some of the bbq for you.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos – Phantom. Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. BOL!! Well, at least your bra is gettin’ better use than my Ma’s!!! hehehe shhhhh, don’t tell her I said that…
    Oh, FD reminds me of my Gpa!! Did her start snorin’ too?!
    Paws crossed you gets some chicken Mollie!

  9. hey that bra looks pretty good on those flowers…just sayin’…and Mom has 2 cat stones and one really cool bunny stone she could donate to the auction. Let her know on her personal email…Miss Stella you have it. We want to pay forward for all the help Leo received, paw pats, Savannah

    • Thank you Savvy Doll, that is the beauty of our community, we all help each other 🙂 xxxx Will mail in my morning..BOL x

  10. Your bra could be an art display 😉
    Hope you got some chicken too – I am deeply envious. We haven’t had a barbecue for ages and ages and even then we didn’t get anything. My two are so mean. Never mind, there’s a long weekend coming up and Miss Eight is going to come and stay – if her mother isn’t too mean I might get to sleep on the bed.

  11. Uhoh Mollie – your pink bra is on the loose? Well, wherever it lands – Gizmo’s yard art or WHEREVER, it certainly will be eye-catching! I hope you got some of the BBQ goodies – with FD doing the cooking I bet he snuck a few gobbles of it your way!!! We are looking for something for your auction – will send pix to your Mum.

    Kitty Hugs and HAPPY MONDAY!

  12. Mmmm, BBQ chicken sounds yummy, is making us hungry!

    Goodness, your bra looks terrific, with the flowers, ribbon and hat! Off to an afternoon garden party, it looks like. 🙂

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