078Check out dat smile……. How wez juzt lub’z our Furbabie’z.. day’z our children’z. Humom and FD ( Fat Daddy ) haz monster’z but day’z out all’z de time’z.. Cuddle’z far’z and few’z between’z…. Juzt de occasional’z grunt… and iz my white’z T-Shirt clean’z???

Being’z part’z of Blogville’z for over a year’z now’z… Wez cume’z to lub’z each and’z everyone’z of youz… Wez noze, if ever’z we’z needed elp’z.. YOU’Z wood elp’z. That’z what’z make’z uz a family’z…

Wez notice’z Benny ( Fight like a Frenchie Dood ) haz not’z even hit’z half’z way’z wiff all de vet’z bill’z.. Yeah, wez alway’z having’z to dip’z in our pocket’z for’z sum buddie but’z wez all’z wanna bee’z part’z of it’z and wez all’z elp’z each uffer..ONE day’z ( but’z we hope’z not ) it might’z bee’z you’z!

Sooooo’z wez holding’z a RAFFLE... yeah, prize’z youz can’z win’z.. Wez ain’t fart assing around’z.. You’z gotta pay’z to bee’z in wiff a chance to win’z.. Let’z get’z some green paper’z in for Benny.

PAWLEAZE NOTE’Z…. All ticket’z bought will be named on blog. Postage will come out of donation’s.. We send good heavy parcels, filled to the brim.. We will provide them but as all our furiends mostly live over the pond.. we can’t afford the postage as well. WHO ever buy’z de mozt ticket’z and’z dont’z win’z..will’z get a MOLLIE and ALFIE prize..

HOW TO BUY YOUR TICKETS  ( $3.00 Dollars EACH OR £2.00 British pound’z)

1/ Pay pal… send to belneameadow@gmail.com

2/ Make sure you send it in BRITISH POUNDS ( otherwise Pay pal take commission ) send as a GIFT ( we cannot be responsible for fee’s taken by pay pal)

3/ In messages STATE how many tickets and who you are  and what’z youz want’z your ticket’z to go too..or juzt say RANDOM they’z will be split.. SIMPLE’Z

4/ Get stuck…. just email’z uz…….

5/ BIG MOLLIE and ALFIE draw..will take place.. 25TH AUGUZT….


What’z on offer…

PRIZE ONE.….. A MOLLIE OR ALFIE BOX..filled wiff super gift’z and treat’z….


phodringsmat1Let’z start’z checking’z down de back of de couch for lozt change.. DONT’Z FORGET’Z..there iz a pawrize for the one WHO BUY’Z DE MOZT TICKET’Z.

Oh My Cat and Dog.. ain’t diz fun????

NEWZFLAZH.. Wez postponing Alfie’z fur cut and Ranger’z pawrezent, till de end off de week… Wez juzt needed to get’z diz out.

Let’z pawlay’z and have’z fun


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34 thoughts on “LET’Z PAWLAY BENNY’S RAFFLE…

  1. Sounds fun…is it just me or is this like the 4th mention of Benny not making it to the half-way point? Either way…no matters…as we told everyone else…our mama gets paid on Thursday and we’ll be back then to purchase our tickets.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

    • Youz told uz in your pozt.. so what can wez doo’z but help’z ..Wez need more green’z az like youz said… they’z not hit half way’z. xxooxxx

        • Wesa think mama is like a chicken with her head cut-off today. Shesa not makin’ much sense and she just saw that the winner will be drawn August 25th. OMD! Our mama is a nut!! Wesa will now go sit on her and make her take her medicine and reattach her head to her body. BOL!!

    • BTW—Our message was meant to be that all us blogville citizens must have ESP since we all are thinkin’ of Benny not making it to his half-way point on his GoFundMe…not to be taken as an insult or a slam against this event.

      Wesa definently pawticipatin’ and hopes we win an ornament for our Christmas tree.

      Much Luvums!!

  2. OMD and OMC Mollie and Alfie…. THIS is TREE MEN DUST. What a super duper thingy fur you two to have done fur our Buddy. We will send some $$ fur tickets…
    Boy Howdy Blogville is just the BESTEST !! This is sooooooo generous of you.

  3. WE are Back…. we sent our green papers… in British Pounds…

    We did NOT see a post from the Slimmer Pugs about this… We are going to dig into where the Squirrels at Blogger has sent their post.. Grrrrrr.

    • Hi Frankie!
      Wesa not posted…but I think Mollie & Alfie are doing an awesome thingy for Benny as well as Stella Rose, Maggie Moo, and Angus…and wesa knows there was one more that had a chip in to Benny’s fund for some great prize, too…ALL THIS WEEK. What pawsome friends!! Mama says that wesa have to wait til’ Thursday, but we definently aresa helpin’ as much as we can.
      Much Luvums,
      The Slimmer Puggums
      George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi
      PS: Wesa off to go write down all the bloggies that are helpin’ our furiend Benny so that we can maybe do a post about it to get more people to help.

  4. I really like your blog, but sometimes it takes awhile to read your posts with such creative language. I’m wondering if it takes you a while to write that way? Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Okays, Ma is a little sick right now, so please remind her tomorrow abouts this and she will buy some tickets!!!! This sounds amazin’, and thanks bunches for doin’ this for our pal!!
    Ruby ♥

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  7. Hi Mollie and company……we for sure will get some tickets – raffles are FUN and anything we can do to help Benny’s medical bills we’re all over it! 🙂

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. Shoot! Ma screwed up Mollie!! She puts the monies in the GoFund thingie instead of PayPal!!!! Holy cows. Oh well, at least Benny will gets the $10!
    (gawd, I really need a new assistant!!!!!)
    Ruby ♥

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