fyiBeing’z de SMART blond outta de famlie’z..I fawght’s I’z give’z you’z sum information’z.

WordPrezz user’z… Lot’z are having’z twouble’z.. If’z youz UPDATED to 3.6 then’z youz @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

It’z causing’z sooooo many pwoblem’z for user’z.. Our compawyter guy won’t update’z uz. Bit like’z Window’z 8..Cwap.. We installed Window’z 7 on our newish compawter altough’z it came’z wiff that’z like Vista.. Cwap again’z.

Now’z you’z FaceBark fanatic’z… ( Wez juzt dont’z get de time’z ) so for’z you UNBUZY furbuddie’z.. Wanna look cool’z leaving’z ya replie’z… Here’z a chart’z..THE COOL CHART!

382648_199121336904989_1350042135_nNow’z youz can spend’z more’z time’z on faceBark..leaving’z heart’z and confuzzed icon’z……Bawahhwhahwhahawa..or pawhap’z a Wink! Dont’z fink diz werk’z on Twit!

See Dude’z..It’z not wat’z ya noze BUT who’z ya noze..And let’z face it’z..YOU’Z noze de smartezt BLOND in Blodville….

And too’z send youz into’z de weekend’z feeling’z all’z soft’z and fluffy’z..Here’z a Squeeeeel’z for’z youz.

cuteHaz a wunderul’z weekend’z.. wez bee’z catching’z up wiff youz all’z Sunday’z.

Peeeee-ezzzzz Wanna look cool like our buddie Gizmo.. Check out our shop!

necklaceRCOur first item in the Rainbow Corner range is this Key ring or Handbag charm. Heart saying” You are always in my heart” Angel saying” Angels watching over me” Has colorful rainbow charm and lots more. You can choose a name. Ideal gift for friends who have lost or a keepsake for yourself.




I have been’z buzy making new stuff and coming’z up wiff idea’z for our shop. That Blond fink’z she doez everyfing..She forget’z I doo’z all’z the Kitty stuff. Im’z onlyie’z sleeping’z coz I’z warn meself’z out..MOL

Picture 078

PROOF IZ IN THE PUZZY  remember’z the lovley’z little MJ that got fostered..WhooHooo, well’z I made two’z super strong Nip Mat’z for her and her adopted bruffer.. Look’z what fun’z they’z having.

IMG-20130827-WA0001Pop to our shop and youz can have’z a super mat of your’z own.

I’z also been’z buzy making Kitty keyring’z..

key ringYouz can have dez az a keyring or Handbag charm..What a great Christmas pwesent. Also’z wez haz……

RAINBOW CORNERCLICK HERE to be flown to the UK shop..or HERE for the USA shop.

Lot’z of fun stuff coming’z up..juzt all’z behind wiff our post’z.

Munday’z wez will bee’z donating’z de check for de Wonga to Benny

Haz a wunderful’z Furzday