Yeah Yeah, wez noze why’z youz all come running’z over..The Title..I dont’z cheat..Im’z wiff Ranger! but I do accept gift’z from uffer Boy’z…. Bawahhawahaw

DING DONG Avon Postman calling…. A parcel for me…

It’z from me Buddie’z Frankie and Ernie all the way from the Hill. It was a prize from Benny’s raffle… WhoooHoooo… Look what’z we got.

molI got’z an Ernie Hot Dog slicer…. How cool iz diz…Dat’z what’z Brown and hard!!!!!!!


Look at me’z pwettite’z Bandana

mol1And I got’z dat wunderful frizbee.. Fank you soooo much guy’z.. Wez lub’z our pwesent’z.

DING DONG Avon Postman calling’z again’z!

Check diz out..It waz a suprize from our buddie Easy..all the way in France

mol5It’z a Sea Orse and some booties so I dont’z get saw feet’z again.. How’z wunderful ( Alfie got a pwesent too but he want’z to show youz himsef)

mol6Now I’z neffer had boot’z before..Humom fawght’z she would’z take a video’z of me.. She waz crying so much wiff laughter that had to stop.. I cant’z see why’z..

Fank youz so much Easy..I lub’z my toy and Boot’z…

Youz all’z haz a wunderful Wednesday




Wiff silver bell’z and cockall’z shell’z and pretty Mollie’z in a row…..

I’z showed’z youz Part 1 of me’z postage stamp, what’z my back yard.. Now fing’z haz been blooming..Blooming Hot’z if youz ask’z me..

Before’z.. See’z mez Berd Houze

g7After’z..   See’z me Berd Houze again’z.

g4 (2)Before’z

g1After’z   All de baby food’z growing’z… Kyla’s bean’z on de left.

g1 (2)Before’z…. Check out’z de bit of mud behind’z be Berd table..So’z small..Yeah.


g3After’z..   Behind’z in the mud’z now grow’z..Lettuce, Spinach, Beets, Potatoe’z, Raddish, Carrot’z, Onion, Scalleon’z, Bazil and Tarragon. Dat’z me Cherry Tree and wez got Zuccini’z crawling along’z and Tomato dangling’z and ton’z of Bazil.


g3 (2)Before’z.. Mommie’z corner wiff Lemon Tree, Budlea for de Flutterbye’z, Honeysuckle’z and more’z.

g4Now’z check it’z out… Cucumber’z growing’z up fence.

g7Now’z wez fawght’z we should harvezt some off our crop.. Our one and only’z Cherry and a few MINUTE carrot’z…Who wanna come’z to dinner?????

cropThere’z onlyie’z four carrot’z..Firzt come’z…. firzt served..

Youz all’z haz a wunderful’z Munday’z