MAGWez had a day off’z yesterday’z.. were kernacked so will’z bee’z by to see’z youz today.


Wez all’z nozey on the blog..Or iz it juzt uz?? Wez luv’z when’z furbuddie’z show off there Pad’z and Yard’z, seeing’z all the luvly fing’z they have. Wez not had’z good weffer in the UK, load’z of rain’z and little sun….. What should’z bee;z in full bloom iz taking forever.. Here iz a peep for all youz nozie’z at our yard.. Wez call’z thiz Part 1..when’z it’z all out wez will have’z Part 2.

Green houze Daddy built, haz all our lettuce, tom’z, cucumber’z and lot’z more.

g1Thiz iz Mommy’z favorite plant

g2Daddy painted our little shed and Mommy put up curtain’z

g8Diz iz a sunny patio dat Daddy built for Mommy, dat iz a LEMON tree dat haz real lemons, it waz grown from a pip and iz 7 year’z old.

g4Wez got a cherry tree too, hoping’z to get cheerie’z diz year

g3Daddy put Mommy a little berd houze up on the wall

g7Our yard iz a postage stamp..youz juzt wait when I show’z it to youz again’z when every fing haz grown… Youz won’t fink it’z the same yard.

Youz all have a happy holiday weekend… Sumink special’z tomorrow.. Sumink MAGNIFISCENT.!!!!!!!


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Today we are mostly going to be

pizap.com13694929191981Have a super Easy Sunday everyone


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