Az mozt of youz noze..Gizmo, Finn and Charley Boy are holding a Bingo competiion.. Wez late wiff our’z but I fink’z wez juzt got in beforez the deadline.

Here’z our Bingo Card


1# Spot a Squirrel


#2 Follow Finns blog ( we haz been forever )


#3 Park your arse on a bench


#4 Like K9 Naturals


#5 Visit an urban park.

park BINGO….BINGO….BINGO..Wez juzt done our BINGO!!!



Bath Ball’s… These wonderful balls hang over the tap into the running water. Contains Lavender, Natural Sea Salt, Patchouli oil. All hand made. Pack of 4.


Lavender Wheat bags… Microwave for 2 mins.. Pop on all parts of the body for aches and pains. Ideal to pop in cold beds as a tootsie warmer.

bagGo check these out in our shop..Click HERE



Wot’z all’z diz about’z youz ask’z yourselve’z…. Well wez waz asked to do a review..Wez get asked but’z wez dont’z often doo’z dem but’z wez waz not letting’z diz one slip by.


Maqnifiscent products  are non-toxic alcohol and paraben free formula safe for use on all pets.

  • Neutralizes bad odors

  • Conditions your pet’s skin and coat.
  • Over 200 fragrances to choose from

  • Create your own custom scent

  • Serving customers all over the world

  • Used by 25 groomers nationwide and growing

  • Family owned and operated



Mommy got scent a Baby Powder flavor… Oh my word, she squirted onto my coat ( it’s a pump spray not aerosol)  and massaged it in. I was in Heaven.

What Mommy thought about the product

It was amazing, Mollie enjoyed the massage and she smelt good enough to eat after. It conditions and De-tangles furs leaving your pets coat, super soft without being sticky. It has a special scratch and smell formula. When I cuddled Mollie in the morning, it reactivated the smell.

I took her down the beach for a run, she always comes back smelling of crabs, I used the Magnifiscent on her and the nasty smell was gone..

If you have a smelly dog or not you will love this product. I used it on Alfie too , as he is so fluffy it made brushing him so much easier.

Magnifiscent is made in the US by a family owned buisness.

What I was surprised at, it is so affordable $12.99 for a large 8fl.oz bottle.

For every bottle sold, they donate $2.00 to the ST.TAMMANY PARISH NO KILL SHELTER. Which we thought was wonderful.

I can honestly say, you won’t be disappointed with this grooming and finishing splash.

Go check out their page click HERE

Now we asked them if we could let a few of our buddies try this out.. Three lucky winners will receive a sample direct from Magnificent..all we ask is that you share your opinion.

Just leave in comments why you would like to try this amazing product. Three lucky winners will be chosen by Random.Org.

Youz all haz a wonderful’z day’z


Pe-ezz..  Lazt day to get your cake photo’z in for Henry’z birthday at My Three Moggies