Well’z wez fink’z youz all’z noze by’z now..NUFFIN ever goez smooflyie’z in OUR pad.

Oh the’z pretty Pink’z compawter turned up, excitment’z buzzing and PINK’Z mez favourite color, told Alfie it’z blue, coz he’z color blind..He hate’z Pink.

Spent de ol day’z transfering’z all de crap impawtant stuff from de old to de new one.

All de VALENTINE folder’z ( wez waz actually’z organized wiff dat )

Downloaded all’z de programe’z wez needed. Let’z it do all’z it’z update’z.

Wez all sat back, Humom wiff her tea me wiff a cookie and Alfie ..Well’z he juzt sat dar making sure it waz blue.

” Come on Mom’z, go to our blog, let;z see it BIG ” .. Wez only’z got half a friggin page..No image’z, no way to pozt..NUFFIN it’z az uzfull az A CHOCOLATE T-POT

Email’z won’t bloody load. Folder’z wiff all de photo’z…WON’T open’z ( Fank’z be to baby Jezuz, wez got dem all’z on the old compawter)

It’z a pile’z of plaztic SHIT  cwap! Wez fink’z it’z de WINDOW’Z 8 , day’z put all’z de fancy crap on dem now, and day’z ain’t compatable’z wiff everyfing.

Well’z diz iz what happened to the pewter!!!!!!!

computerWez gotta call’z in the A – TEAM ( compawter guy ) today’z to try’z and put’z it right..Fank heaven’z wez got the little one to uze…

Bare’z wiff uz, wez will be getting’z round ya bloggie’z but youz all noze how it iz when Shite hit’z the fan!

Have a wonderful’z Furzday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Today’z wez gonna be sorting lot’z out for the spectaular’z ball. We’z have’z someone very special’z to uz sorting’z some wonderful’z musik. We’z will put up a lizt of helper’z , the food’z menu and catogory’z which youz will’z all be entering in .

Yesterday’z lizt waz the one’z who’z we’z got the photo’z of….Wez noze there’z load’z more enterie’z coming in. Az you’z can imagine’z wez haz ton’z of email’z each day’z, all’z to do wiff de ball. Wez are going’z frew dem all. IF YOU STILL’Z NEED A PARTNER ( we’z got a bit confuzed ) LET UZ NOZE IN COMMENT’Z.

Wez should’z be having a new’z compawter turning up today’z..Humom’z finding’z it hard working’z on the little one we have, it’z difficult to drezz you and fing’z az the screen’z too small’z ( Blind old bat   Poor Mommy ) So if’z wez not around’z, don’t worriez, we’z will’z be transfering’z all’z our stuff to the new one’z. ( More friggin work Oh what’z fun )

Now wez want’z to tell you’z how wonderful’z we fink’z youz all are and how much wez love’z you’z all. You haz all changed our life. It’z the little fing’z you’z all do, a comment, an email’z, a pwesent when’z we’z just not expecting’z it. Alway’z there to help’z uz out.

LOOK what’z MY THREE MOGGIE’Z SENT UZ ( if youz dont’z noze dem..Pop and say’z hi )

friends 1Wez put it’z in pride of place..And FANK YOU’Z so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

friends 2Den wez popped over to FACE BARK you’z all’z noze wez hazn’t a clue what’z we’z doing over dar..BOL but look what’z waz waiting for uz from the lovely MISS SAVANNAH ( our dear furiend, pop by if youz hasn’t met her’z yet ) Fank youz so much xxxxxxxx

welcomeIsn’t Blogville’z the bezt place to bee’z ?

I fawght’z before we’z go you’d like’z to see’z me Rock climbing. Such fun.

mollie rockYou’z all’z haz a wonderful’z Wednezday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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