So I’z got her bedroom’z WET!!! ………….ONLY FARE’Z.


I finkz wez just’z about’z caught’z up wiff most bloggie’z now..Only’z took uz Four hour’z .BOL Remind’z uz to neffer have’z a day off..OK !

Well let’z see who’z Chriztmazed today.. It’z our cute Buddie KIRBY

Now youz looking for stocking filler’z for the brat’z kid’z or the Grandmonster’z..Look’z no furfer..Pop over to SAMMY..( onespoiletcat ) Hiz Mommy haz written a book for the little Angel’z in your life..AND she make’z some bootiful notelet’z..Hand painted.

You all’z have a great Furiday or Saturday, where ever youz are. Whoze gonna be drezzed up tomorrow’z..Could bee’z you’z…So don’t’z forget’z to pop’z by.







Wez just having’z a short’z and sweet’z post today’z. We’z got lot’z of fing’z to catch up on, likeĀ  fing’z that have come in de post for uz..Our Chriztmazed card’z wez recieved. Wez still’z got load’z of youz to drezz up for Chriztmaz.

Last’z night’z I had my telescop’z out, yep I waz looking at MAR’Z. I fawght’z I would share wiff you’z what I saw.

Bootiful’z, isn’t it’z ?

Then I’z saw diz…….

It got’z more interesting…..

Then’z bugger knock me’z down wiff a feffer..I saw diz through the telescope’z..I had to change the wording!!!!

Well,dat waz nice of em…BOL.

Who’z we got Chriztmazed today’z ?? It’z our beautiful kittie buddie Kjelle B

You’z all’z have a great Wednezday and see’z youz all’z tomorrow’z.