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Now the momentz youz all been waiting for’z …The Winner of the Hallooween competiton iz……DRUMROLL……………..NELLIE ( from CATSFROMHELL )

It waz a tough competiton and youz all did wonderful…but Wez can only have one winner. You’z all WINNER’Z so pleaze take thiz badge.

To see’z the winner of the BOY’Z, youz need to go to MISAKI’S

Wez got some exciting stuff coming up’z so make’z sure you’z pop by each day.

Nellie….You’z got to emailz Humom wiff ya address…

Have a Happy Halloooooweeen every one..and to all the buddiez wez nose and the one’z we don’t.



We are just leaving thiz post on so you can continue to vote. We wanted to say, that We, and all of our buddies are thinking of you guyz who are in the path of the terrible storms.. We pray you will all be safe and not too much damage will be done. Keep in touch, so we know you are safe..We love you all.

Welcome to the GIRL’Z…….You chooze the one youz fink should win’z, and put their name in the commentz…...BOY’Z…. You’z need’z to go to MISAKI and votez over there..OH what fun…

First up’z, wez have the stunning FLEA ..Looking just gorgeouz..

Next on the run-wayz, wez have the delextable SUKI.. Simply Stunning.

Third up to give uz her charms, is the delightful az alwayz.MOLLY THE WALLY

Fourth is LADY LITCHFIELD She’s certainly a sex bomb.

Our Fifth charmer is.. PRINCESS ZENA  A Blue Blood Beauty.

Our sixth beauty on the run-way is JERI MERITT Another stunner.

Our seventh stunner on the Run-way is the delightful MISS MINDY

Eighth beauty to wow uz is devil SUSIE showing pink Butts are beautiful.

Ninth to WOW uz all is MICA Showing uz her country girl charm’z.

Our tenth is LEXIE A real corker and a babe magnet.

Elenth. to get all thoze hormonez going is PIPIN ( Molly the Wallys Mom )

Here wez have Queen NELLIE and her bodyguardz..A real Stunner.

And last but no meanz least. Sex on Legz ..TRANNY DOGGY.

Wellz if thoze gorgeouz chickz haven’t got that BLOOD PRESSURE¬† up, Nuffin willz.. GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU DIVA’Z…..Winner willz be annouced Hallooowweeen….

Fank youz all our buddiez who have been voting for uz at SAMMYS Youz can still pop’z over and leave your mark..for UZ.

Wez willz be latez coming round to see’z you allz today but willz be round by Midnight.

Have a wonderful MONDAY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx