We’ve got the A-TEAM coming in!

Hi Every one 🙂 Humon has decided to call in the A-TEAM !! They are coming on Monday and I’ll tell yoooo’s,  we can’t wait. Humom has spent, day’s night’s, more day’s more night’s trying to sort out our bloggie. All our Furriends will know this but if you’ve never popped over before, it has been a right pain in the arse for Humom. I guess her downfall is not knowing much about computers and the jargon. It’s OK her having all these great idea’s. if she knew what the hell she had to do, to get them on the bloggie! :). Sooo to cut a long story short, this will be our last bloggie till Monday. Humom is going to try and get all our Furriend with links in the sidebar 🙂 Alfie and I have been told we’ve got to come and play on your bloggies, as she’s gonna be busy. Yooo’s will see some funny stuff going on in the sidebar, that’s only were she is practising! Oh Alfie said: DON’T FORGET TO STILL ENTER HIS COMPETITON!! Winner disclosed next week 4th July ( Independence Day) Humom said Thank you to all her helpers and not to disappear cos she still needs you all 🙂


Alfie and me have got this rose from our garden to give to you all. I was the one who bit it off, told Humom I wanted to give it as a present to you all. What could she say ? couldn’t get cross ( phew! ) You can take it if you like, it smells love-ly! Have a great weekend and see ya all Monday. Big licks and Purrrrs xx P-esss. See what we mean even the post is all over the place. x


Prizes, Prizes, who wants to win Prizes??

Hay folks, Alfie here! As you know I’ve been rather left out the last few days. All that stuff Humom and the Dizzy Blonde were trying to sort out. Bla Bla Bla! Sure took them long enough! They only had to ask me! Well, anyway, why’s they been busy I’ve been pawring around other bloggies. It seems to me that there are a lot of presents being dished out at the moment, and kinda competitions going on. Got me finking, I can organise somink! And Alfie the greatest, has come up with the Purrfect competition. Yooos will luv it. Winner gets a real present in the post! Yes, yooos heard right, delivered to your door! it don’t matter where’s yooos live, you can play. Even Furriends in the North pole! You might not get it till December though! Wanna play ? ( better paw through me toy box n see what I’ve got )! Oh, yooos also get a signed photo meself 🙂 Right lets get to it. Simples, all yooo have to do is answer 3 questions. Yooos have to give completely honest answers, I want to hear every detail no matter how shocking ( I luv shocks! 🙂 ). I ask yooos  3 questions A.B and .C yoos have to give me 3 answers, labelling them A.B and C . Got it? I wills read them all and the one I fink should be the winner, WINS the prize! Entries have to be in by Tuesday 3rd July, Winner announced 4th of July, ain’t that independence day ? Let’s beginnnn. Question A: What has been your most embarrassing moment?? Question B: Whats the worst thing youv’e ever done?? and Question C: What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?? Oh this is gonna be such fun. Give it ya worst!! 🙂

Big Purrrs Alfie xx